Losing Pregnancy Weight – The Smart Way

by Teresa Brown

Is image everything in today’s society? Image represents money and power. Image represents status and privilege. Image represents youth and beauty. It can represent many things but for the Mom who is looking to lose weight after giving birth, striving to fit into a Hollywood image can keep her down in the dumps with a good dose of self-loathing. Losing pregnancy weight is about going beyond the “image” and embracing wellness.

We gain and lose weight throughout our lives. This is due to the fact that our eating habits are regulated by a variety of factors such as our moods, stresses, cultural and family history, lifestyle and schedules to name a few. Some of these factors can have a strong influence on how you perceive food and hence how it affects your ability to lose weight after giving birth. The best way to address weight management is to do so in the most holistic way possible.

1. Lifestyle program is a Smart Choice.

To get a lean, fit and toned body permanently requires a lifestyle change. Thus, in order to burn the baby fat, you will have to go beyond just diet and exercise. You will have to take into account the reasons why, how, what and when you eat. By embracing a healthier lifestyle you can be sure that you will keep the weight off for good. Lifestyle programs addresses the whole person and not only the weight factor. There are lifestyle programs that are just for Moms who need a means to lose the pregnancy weight and learn how to have a healthy balance of work, play and rest.

2. Focus on the exercises that burn the most Fat.

You can speed up the weight loss process to lose pregnancy weight fast by choosing a workout program that can burn the baby fat in the most efficient way possible. To do this, you will need to incorporate resistance training into your workout. It’s quick do and easy to learn.

You can do these exercises at home without the expensive gym fees or equipment. Resistance training is strength training that tone and strengthens your muscles using different forms of resistance such as a free weights or your body weight to do lunges and squats. Because muscle burns fat, the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn.

3. Fuel your body with Fat Burning foods.

The tummy is a popular “problem” area for Moms. Trying to get rid of the “Mommy belly” can be challenging but not hopeless. Your body is a fine tuned machine that works like a team. Therefore, if you are going to exercise to lose your tummy, you need to fuel your body with the right foods to keep it healthy and fit. You should be eating whole grain foods, lean meats, fruits and vegetables.

You should eat foods that are high in fiber such as whole grain foods and lean protein such as chicken and wild salmon. Not only will you get a metabolic boost but you will also benefit from the nutritional value that these foods provide. Remember to be a smart consumer and read the food labels to ensure that you know what’s in your food.

4. All for one and one for all.

Why reap the benefits of losing the pregnancy weight on your own? You can share the benefits of eating right and regular exercise with your family. You are the heart of the family and as such you can be the family instigator to get them on the health wagon. Plan more family activities that include more physical activity. Gradually introduce new healthy recipes and encourage healthy snacks and choices for your family. With the family on board making the transition to a healthy lifestyle will flow more smoothly and seem more natural.

Image is irrelevant when it comes to a better quality of life. Image is irrelevant when it comes to defining who you are as a Mother and unique individual. Image is irrelevant when it comes to needing to feel and look great. What is important is connecting with whom you are and spending time with your loved ones. And living a healthy lifestyle is time well spent.

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