Low to no Carb Diets: Will they Help Me Lose Weight?

by Ricardo d Argence

Research has proven that diets containing no carbs, or even a few carbs, can assist in weight loss; actually, these diets may work better than those which require a reduction in fat grams. Are you aware of the negative side effects of these types of diets?

If I cut carbs will I lose weight? First, you must understand that not all carbs are the same. They have all been banded together but some carbs are necessary for a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. How can one differentiate between a good carb and a bad one? Well. lets go back to basics. Sugars, or simple carbohydrates, are one of the two basic types of carbohydrates. Next, the Starches, also referred to as complex carbohydrates.

The time taken by your body to digest the carbohydrates is the major difference. The simple carbohydrate is digested quickly where as the complex carbohydrate takes longer to be digested.

Most simple carbohydrates are found in processed foods like pizza, chocolate, and cakes — that is, foods that contain added sugars. Eating apples, grapes, raisings, and bananas cannont get you the same results. These are much healthier than simple carbs due to the fact that they contain vitamins and nutrients needed by the body.

Going on low carb diet means stopping the intake of carbohydrates and it helps in not putting on weight, but actually everyone must have at least 45% -65%of carbohydrates depending on each individual.

As time goes by, your body becomes starved of carbohydrates, and in turn results in a Metabolic Disorder – ‘Ketosis’. You will have no energy to perform most tasks, feeling tired all the while, you might also lose your sleeps if your body is to weak to take this kind of low to no carb diets. However, you can recover from the situation by consuming high carb foods, and then all the weight that you lost will come back once you start consuming these high carb foods.

Just picture this cycle as you read. You will need to compensate the weight loss with the low energy level. Your body cannot sustain extremely low carb diets on a long term basis, and if you continue to follow their strict regulations you will find your health negatively affected, eventually leaving you in poor health.

So, will low to no carb diets help me? Reducing carbohydrates from your diet will enable you to lose weight only if you cut the right kind of carbohydrate and if you make other diet and lifestyle changes at the same time.

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