Men are Getting It!

While men still significantly trail women in the number of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures performed nationwide, they are becoming increasing commonplace in more waiting rooms. The expanding popularity of non-surgical options to improve your appearance has certainly caught men up in its storm.

Most men want a fast recovery time, and for the procedure to be unnoticed by their friends, family and coworkers, they want the process to fit into their life with ease. It has become evident that men have been looking closer at their skin and noticing imperfections, they are interested in looking their best, as well as watching for signs of skin cancer. The elasticity of skin is negatively affected by UV light from the sun, and this is one of the reasons that those who look more aged are those who have had more sun exposure.

Future sun damage can be reduced, and damage from the past can be repaired as much as possible. It is pretty quick to apply, a little at night before bed, and an application following the morning shave.

Of the types of procedures available, men specifically seem to consider rhinoplasty. Usually it’s the size of the nose that is the issue, but an uneven or crooked nose are also reasons for the procedure. Rhinoplasty is generally performed as a day patient under a general anaesthetic and return to work is possible after a week but some bruising may persist for as long as two weeks.

Men are more attracted to a procedure that will leave only minimal scars, so they also look at face lifts and neck lifts, and blepharoplasty. However most men don’t want that over-done look. Mostly, men would prefer to have some wrinkles than have a major surgical procedure that would be obvious to their acquaintences.

Fat is targeted in men using exercise and proper diet regimes, but even so, there are still some areas that have fat remaining. The abdomen is where most men have excess fat, or in the flank area. Liposuction can be administered as a day patient procedure, and men don’t need to interrupt their schedule much as returning to work the next day is usually fine.

Those men who are particularly interested in having a muscular look to their bodies seem to be prone to look at hair removal as an option. Laser hair removal has benefited from newer more effective technology and do an even better job of getting rid of hair. For the selected areas of the body, several treatments are needed, and one should avoid tanning before undergoing this process.

Men have these procedures done because of their own concerns, and they are not the same as what motivates women. In the world of business, competitiveness is big, and how someone looks is part of it. Finding a cosmetic surgeon that is experienced in procedures for men is a good idea, as it seems that many men today want to appear as they did in their youth.

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