Six Snacks that Help Lose the Pregnancy Weight

by Teresa Brown

It’s so easy to get greasy takeout or ready to eat meals instead of cooking something healthy. But if you do have to snack try these six power foods to keep you on track to lose the pregnancy weight.

1. Spinach – It’s no wonder Popeye ate this around the clock since it rebuilds your muscles and bones. Rich with vitamin K and C, this dark leafy green will help you lose the pregnancy weight fast. Try it sauted on top of a baked potato with some yogurt or cheese.

2. Almonds – Nothing beats a handful of almonds to help lose the pregnancy weight. They are a good source of a fiber and protein as well as a great place to get your “good” fats. (Almonds fats are monounsaturated and they help lower your cholesterol.) Eating them plain works best but if you want that extra kick toast them a bit and add some sea salt.

3. Blueberries – Blueberries pack a nutritious punch with iron, potassium, sodium, zinc and copper. They also have plenty of vitamins and all this adds up to a fruit that prevents plenty of diseases even cancer. Try freezing a bag and eating them on a hot day with yogurt.

4. Avocados – Another wonderful antioxidant, avocados will help lose the pregnancy weight quickly. The vital vitamin E will help clear up your skin and avocados have more than double the amount of potassium than bananas do. My favorite way to eat them is mashed up with some lemon juice, tomatoes, onions and spices in a guacamole.

5. Oatmeal – Everyone knows that oatmeal is a great source of fiber but it’s also a staple in losing weight. This potent meal will keep you fuller longer and this will help you to lose the pregnancy weight fast. Try it in the mornings with milk, honey or a handful of fruit.

6. Peanut Butter – The peanut butter and jelly staple in your childhood might have been the best thing you ate as a kid. Peanut butter is a brilliant source of protein and it’s a good way to get your magnesium, which helps with building bones. I love peanut butter with a banana but it’s also good with honey on toast.

Lose the pregnancy weight fast with these six snacks. These foods will help you get on track with your healthy lifestyle but remember to schedule in your fitness routine as well. Becoming a sexy mommy won’t be hard with these six powerhouse foods!

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