Some Weight Loss Calcium Rich Food

by Lindelwa Maseko

While it is known medical fact that there are a few conditions that can cause a person to gain weight like thyroid or hormone problems, by far the biggest contributor to weight gain is too much food. If your weight seems to have gone out of control it’s time you learn something about weight loss food.

Some foods help control weight while others actively promote the burning of excess body fat. There are several categories of weight loss food you should have a look at, and here are a few of them to give you an idea about how diverse a diet can be.

Among the weight loss food types that make the basis of regular dishes we could mention brussels, cabbage, boiled beans, peas, lentils and pasta. Any spaghetti meal that has tomato sauce is going to be good for you and if you want to add some meat to go with it then why not the low fat, low cholesterol veal.

White fish has long been known to be healthy but it is also good for weight maintenance as well especially if you have this with vegetables that have been steamed and even mash potatoes have a low calorie count. Other foods like yoghurt, porridge oats, rice (providing it is dark) and even low fat sweet cheese can be used successfully in a weight loss diet.

Fruit and vegetables added to the weight loss food list are numerous and highly diverse so besides grapefruit, oranges and lemons, that even make the basis for some diets, it is well known the role apples have in the stimulation of metabolism. Fruits like kiwi, strawberries and water melons are also good if you are pursuing a weight loss food program. The next worth mentioning are grapes; however, avoid high-calorie fruit such as bananas or figs. As for vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery and lettuce are among the favorites when it comes to long-term dietary plans.

What should also be obvious is the omissions made here like sandwiches, fast food and sweet things like cakes are all going to cause problems and are in no way considered weight loss foods. If you do not think you can give up your dark chocolate or ice-cream for example, you will now find that most foods come with a low-fat option as part of the range. While this is good, if you want a successful weight loss program to follow you will need to read the ingredients label carefully on these products before you add them to your weight loss diet.

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