Two ways to control hunger & Lose Weight

by Joel Riley

Hunger is our body signal to warn us that it need energy. It is a good thing when it occurs in that respect. However It can be a negative signal when it make us eat more than we should; that is overeating. If we do not control all this, at the end of the day, this will result in weight gain for us. In fact one of the, most difficult challenges facing most people when trying to lose weight is to control their hunger. Only once you have learn to control your hunger urges will you be on your first steps to a successful weight loss plan.

1.Appetite Suppressants: Basically Appetite Suppressants are drugs, artificially formulated or naturally formulated to help a person to curbs their hunger pangs to so that they can lose weight. Many of these drugs have harmful side effects and most of them are ineffective literally. Personally, the only appetite suppressant which I would recommend is Hoodia. First of all, this is an all natural drug derived from a cactus found grown mostly in South Africa and Namibia. Secondly, it has proven to work for me. As such I will recommend that you resort to Hoodia rather then other Diet Pills which contains stimulants like caffeine or any other artificial chemicals.

Hoodia is available in pill format or powdered form. To my knowledge, I find the powdered type to be more suitable for me and also more effective. It is easier for our body to absorb the powdered type than pill type actually. Just take one teaspoonful of Hoodia powder and mix it with one cu of water and lemon juice. For most people, the taste of the detox drink leaves a lot of room for improvement. I had to compel myself to gulp it down.

Although the drink tasted very bad, it will allows you to fast for many days without feeling hungry at all. The reason is because the Hoodia powder is really effective.

2.View your hunger Pangs in a Positive Manner: Do not regard hunger in a negative manner; as punishment to be put up with. They are just signs that your body is purging the toxins within the fats of your body. When your body starts to remove these harmful toxins, this will help you to lose weight.

Learn to control your hunger pangs for 2 weeks approximately. Do not fast for too long. You will end up being anorexic which is also bad for your health. Instead maintain a balance and discipline yourself. You should make a point to in the end change your lifestyle after you have reached the ideal weight that you aimed to reach. Otherwise, what you lost in terms of weight will return if you do not change your eating habits.

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