Understanding The Risks And Benefits Of Oral Hcg Drops

A majority of the population is dealing with weight issues. Some are trying to gain weight while others are trying to lose it. However, most of them are willing to shed the extra weight and they would go to any length to ensure it gets done. It is for this reason that oral hcg drops have gained popularity in the recent past. As a matter of fact, these drops have many benefits.

On the other hand, they also have some side effects which may either be long or short term. Regulated appetite, enhanced digestion and regulation of the endocrine system are some of the benefits. Nausea, headache and fatigue are some of the side effects.

Doctor A. T. W. Simeons was the pioneer of this diet. He used it to treat children who suffered from a condition where the children were obese and their reproductive organs did not develop properly. When the drops were given to them, their health condition improved drastically. In the process, they lost the extra weight and the muscles developed too. Since it was proved helpful and beneficial, women and men who were obese were subjected to a similar treatment.

These homeopathic supplements can be bought over the counter or even prescribed by a nutritionist. Individuals under this diet plan lose a great deal of weight. However, this is due to the fact that they consume lower amounts of calories.

The majority of the people believe that hcg makes them cut weight. However, scientists have proved that the supplement does have any effect at all. The only thing that causes such an effect is the reduced number of calories in the prescribed diet. As a result the U. S Food and Drug Administration body declared the hormone illegal unless it is used for treatment of fertility issues.

Like any other supplement or drug, it has its side effects and therapeutic ones. One of the benefits is that excess weight is shed off easily. However, this is not a healthy option for anyone planning to slim. As a result of consuming the drops, fatigue, diarrhea and nausea can be experienced. All the weight that was lost can be regained once an individual stops the diet.

Gallstones and malnutrition are some of long term effects that an individual may feel if they are on the diet. Other effects include decrease in the bone content, anemia and low immunity. All these problems occur since the calories consumed are less than those the body requires. Basically, the body needs more than eight hundred calories daily and in the hcg diet requires one to consume about 500 calories only.

By consuming the oral hcg drops, some people have developed long term complications. Due to its restrictive nature, some of the users have developed malnutrition. Gallstones can also occur due to the accumulation of cholesterol on the gallbladder. The gastrointestinal tract infections can also occur. Individuals can know that they have gallstones if they experience pain and indigestion.

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