Weight Loss Steroids for Gaining Weight (For HIV/AIDS Patients)

by Emily Schwartz

Weight loss steroid treatments are being used in experiments as a way of preventing people suffering from HIV or AIDS to ensure that they gain rather than lose weight. For many years steroids have been used by bodybuilders in order to build up muscle. However, they have recently been used by people suffering from AIDS to replace lean muscle tissue.

However as yet no proper studies that are controlled have been carried out to see what effect steroids have on those who have HIV. One pilot study carried out in London at the Kobler Centre provided the participants with a low dose of a steroid known as Stanozolol. Some of the participants then carried out a daily weight training program and the others did none.

The pilot study was carried out over a six week period. For those who took the drug and exercised they were found to gain around an extra 4kg of weight, but for those just taking the steroids their weight seemed to remain the same. However, after the study was completed on average each person lost around 1kg of weight which was a result of water retention in the body. So for those who took the drug and also did exercise their total weight gain over the six weeks was 3kg.

However the problem with this study was that no people were asked to just exercise. So there is no way of knowing whether it was the steroids or the exercise which resulted in the people’s weight gain. But it does seem to suggest that exercise is important to any plan for those who are trying to stop losing weight.

The kinds of steroids that are used in medications prescribed to HIV and AIDS patients are those which are classed as being corticosteroids like hydrocortisone or prednisolone. These although different from steroids which bodybuilders use can affect the way in which the body functions.

We are constantly being made aware of the effect that steroids can have on the human body. One such risk is that steroids can actually lead to damage to the liver which can prove fatal in some cases. However, this is dependent on the amount used and for how long a person uses them for. But injecting steroids rather than taking them orally has been proved to be one way that won’t cause as much harm to the liver.

The problem with many steroids is that they affect a person’s mood, energy and appetite levels, in ways that are not always for the best. These medications increase male hormone levels in the body and can sometimes amplify a person’s aggressive side. These people may become angry much more quickly and can react aggressively even though the provocation may be very small.

Along with weight loss steroid treatments being used on HIV and AIDS patients in order for them to maintain or gain weight there are other ones that are used also for the same purposes. One such medication is Megestrol Acetate that along with increasing a person’s appetite it also increases lean muscle mass in these people as well.

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