What is Lap Band?

by Martha Gonzalez

As the modern age of medicine continues to bring forth miracle after miracle, there are many new procedures out on the market that greatly improve how the medical profession works. One of these procedures is known as lab band surgery and it has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of success stories around the world. Not many people are aware of lap band surgery but if you happen to be someone that is interested in getting your weight loss methods to finally work, lap band surgery is most definitely something that you should pay attention to.

The Procedure

The procedure of lap band surgery is one that does not take that long to perform. Through actual surgical processes, a band is installed into your abdominal cavity. This band is actually placed around your stomach and then tightened so that your stomach volume becomes lower. When your stomach volume becomes lower, it means that you will have a smaller appetite at each meal that you eat and each meal that you eat will therefore be smaller. In the long run, consuming less food will lead to better weight loss, allowing you to keep the weight off because of the fact that you are not eating as much. The fact that the lap band operates on such a simple principle of weight loss is probably what has contributed to the massive amount of success that it has had during its short tenure as a recognized surgical procedure.


The first thing that is worth pointing out about the lap band surgical procedure is that the lap band actually does work. It constricts the amount of food that you can eat at one point and it forces you to improve the way that you eat so that you can get the nutrients necessary for life in a smaller amount of food. This in turn leads to better nutritional decisions which after a couple of weeks become second nature to you. The end result is a much better diet and faster weight loss at which point it will become clear that the band has done its work.

Another interesting thing to point out about lap band is that it can actually be adjusted. Unlike conventional weight loss procedures that changed the size of the stomach, the lap band procedure is very easy to change since most of the lap bands actually come with adjustment meters that allow you to change the tension in the band on your own without the assistance of a doctor. Unlike all of the other surgical procedures involving stomach alterations, lap band surgery is also completely reversible in a safe way. If you were to get a stomach stapling procedure, reversal would require careful operation in a consistently life-threatening environment and for that reason most doctors will not even bother attempting it and refuse you the request.


You may not have heard of lap band surgery before, but there can be no question that it is definitely one of the more promising surgeries to undergo should you wish to lose a lot of weight.

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