What You Must Know Before You Try Zone Diet!

by Jessica A. Andersen

Dr. Barry Sears developed the Zone Diet. The diet uses the 40/30/30 strategy. This means that you consume 40% carbs, 30% fat, and 30% protein. The good Dr. Sears advocates a balanced diet plan in order to lose weight and avoid diseases.

The Zone Diet lasers in on insulin production as the major precursor and cause of weight gain. Eating foods that cause a spike in insulin production cause weight gain. This happens because highly sugary foods spike insulin production. Insulin attacks the sugars and loads it into your cells storing it fat. These spikes in insulin production are negatively correlated with diabetes and heart disease. That is, they cause diabetes and heart disease.

The Zone diet is specific about the types of foods that help keep insulin in check. Carbohydrates like those found in fruits and vegetables are better than those found in anything made from white flour. Processed foods are a no-no since they contain plenty of empty calories that turn to fat in the body.

The Zone Diet recommends eating 3 daily meals and two snacks. Snacks prevent hunger and overeating. However, your snack must contain good carbohydrates in order to avoid the dreaded insulin spike. Meals, of course, must follow the 40/30/30 rule. The largest portion coming from carbs like green vegies, corn, cauliflower, squash, peppers, zucchini, and other similar vegies. As for protein, a good measure is to choose a portion about the size of your hand. And fat should probably be cut off of your meat prior to eating.

Consumption of the proper amount of fat is essential because doing so slows digestion and provides a continuous source of steady energy. Slowing your digestion is good because you won’t feel hungry immediately after eating because your body will be busy digesting. The Zone Diet recommends eating good fats contained in nuts and canola and olive oil.

Foods that cause spikes in the blood sugar are avoided as much as possible. We know that candy, cakes, and other sweet treats can do this, but also more common foods. Breads, pasta noodles, and heavy starches will do the same thing. These foods are addictive and we often eat more than a serving size of them at any one time, without realizing it.

The Zone Diet provides many pre-packaged foods to make sticking to the diet very easy and affordable. And your weekly grocery list can be altered slightly to conform with this diet’s requirements. In fact, you could probably change your family’s menu to be consistent with the Zone Diet and they would not even notice. There are many great Zone Diet recipes that are kids favorites.

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