Why Keeping a Food Journal Can Help You Lose Weight

During our adolescent years, many of us kept a diary hidden underneath our bed where we wrote about our day and all our deep darkest secrets. Journal writing however, has evolved into more than just a hardbound notebook to vent out about our school crush, nowadays; journals are a great accessory to anyone who wants to set goals for their own well-being and lose weight..

Proper utilization of a food journal aids in being responsible for our own food choices, closely monitor our improvements, self-discipline, discover the connection between our emotions and food, and to become a source of inspiration. Daily documentation of your food consumption can assist in discovering all the little details we never really paid attention to such as our eating habits that may be a setback to our weight loss program. Repairing these setbacks can help us to continually change our lifestyle.

When we have a better understanding of the nutritional value of the food we consume and its benefits to improving our health, we become more liable in making decisions. Being liable teaches us to correctly choose healthier and nutritious food rather than the usual calorie loaded kind. Writing this information in our journal can further help us in bettering our lifestyle.

Pinpointing the small problems in our eating habits can help us to figure out what certain foods we need to subtract from our diet. We also learn to increase our self-control in staying clear from calorie and fat loaded snacks and drinks. Gaining knowledge about the nutritional value of certain foods can really be useful when dining out or grocery shopping.

Expressing how we feel through journal writing helps us to freely release bottled up thoughts and emotions, page after page. With the help of a food journal, we can learn to evaluate the connection between food and our emotions. Not being able to control one’s emotions can sometimes lead to unmanageable eating when an individual tries to feed their feelings with large amounts of caloric foods.

Monitoring our daily food consumption enables us to see the difference that every day can offer to our eating habits. The day before could be better than today or vice versa, but all these results are a part of our progress. Our achievements and failures every day continue to enhance our drive to succeed and keep focusing on our goal.

The advantages of food journaling not only betters our weight loss procedure they also help us to be more open about what we feel, what our body’s feel, and everything else that we go through during this lifestyle changing event. Food journals are not just pages to record our food intake or habits; it also becomes a significant part of our weight loss success.

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