Will Low Carb Diets Work?

by Debbie Johnson

There are hundreds of diets and many do’s and don’ts about losing weight that go around, but one of the crucial fallacies is the cutting out of carbs. It’s just not wise keeping something back that is so vital to your body.

Carbohydrates are probably one of the essential requirements your body needs, and it is the complex carbohydrates that help your body to sustain itself.

Not All Carbohydrates Are The Same

It’s important to identify the carbs we are referring to. Complex carbs are found in fresh fruit, whole grains and vegetables; these are needed to maintain health and also helps to lose some weight.

Essentially your body needs these complex carbs to help you last throughout the day and if you reduce your intake of carbohydrates you are actually starving your body of the energy it needs. Take your brain, for example, it alone needs at least 50 grams of carbs just to know what’s going on and be able to think normally.

These complex carbs are digested much slower than the simple carbohydrates. This is important to know because our body’s metabolism is naturally boosted from this. Whenever our metabolism is running at peak efficiency, we have more sustainable energy that also processes and burns calories faster.

When considering the opposite to complex carbs, being simple carbs like: processed sugar, pasta, white breads etc these are the one’s to be cut out from your diet. You will lose weight and feel healthy.

Simple carbs found in potato chips, processed snacks, sweets and factory processed starchy foods will add weight on your scale. They are quickly turned into fat cells as they are already processed and very difficult to get rid of.

Let’s Put The Good And The Bad Up Against Each Other

While it is true a low carb diet will help you shed pounds, this must be approached sensibly if you are determined to go on a low carb diet. Swapping out the simple carbohydrates for the more complex variety would be the more sensible approach.

Simple changes can make a huge difference for example: buy brown rice instead of white, buy whole grain bread instead of white breads, choose whole grain breakfast cereals instead of “Fruit Loops”, and buy fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned.

It is best to stay with food that is as close as possible to the way it came out of the ground, because when food has been processed they strip the complex carbs from them, and this is what you actually need.

Yes, you will lose weight on a low carb diet, but it will leave your body without the fuel it needs to function properly, this is a high price to pay for your health.

You can live without the simple, processed, sweet carbohydrates, but you can’t live without the complex carbohydrates. If you cut out the simple carbs and replace them with complex carbs you will feel good and lose weight.

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