Winning Weight Loss for Life: With Answers Come Solutions

by Virginia Pipolini

Short lived Weight Loss Diets and Healthy Lifestyle Diets are a way of life for the young and old alike. Western diets are loaded with fats, additives, hormones, and other unmentionable substances. Can we blame our overweight condition only on our diet? Could there be other factors, other than what we consume, that influences the pounds we carry?

Could it be our emotional and mental overload, and the stress that we carry? Or are we carrying more than our share? Isn’t it time we even the score in the weight loss battle? Let’s get to the real cause behind our .. behind, and let the truth be known!

We’re not just talking about how good you look. Weight issues are health issues as well. Excess weight is hard on the heart, and can increase the level of toxins and artery clogging substances in the blood stream.

We lock these toxins away in our fat cells to protect the vital organs as well as the brain and central nervous system. Our fat cells are like little prisons for these toxins, but who is the real prisoner? We are, we are the prisoner trapped behind our own toxic wasteland.

How did we get there, to that point of creating fat cells to protect ourselves? How did those toxins find their way into our bodies in the first place? There is no one-line answer to that question, for there are many factors that contribute to the conditions in which we live.

In our individual environments, the exposure we have to bacteria, fungi and parasites, and even our intake of water and nutrients vary. There is no one answer, but answers can be found, and with answers come solutions. Winning Weight Loss should be for Life, instead of any other option.

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