How Long Does It Take To Build Lean Muscle?

If you ask for advice on how to build muscle you’ll probably get a different answer from every person you ask, so today we’re going to cover the fundamental rules of building a leaner, stronger physique.

One of the biggest reasons so many people are lost when it comes to getting results in the gym is down to the huge number of training systems and methods that claim to be the best thing every developed. Despite having zero or very little scientific research to back up their claims, everybody seems swept up in the excitement in finding the ‘next big thing’ and, as a result, they tend to overlook the proven things which will get them the results they desire.

It seems that every workout needs to be based upon the latest gimmick or it loses it’s appeal, but the truth is building a leaner, more powerful physique is not as difficult as many people believe it to be. There are a few simple steps which, if applied correctly, will help you to turn your current physique into the one you aspire to own. [youtube:5KFcTIpXe90;Discover [link:how to build muscle] with 5 simple rules.;]

One of the first things you need to look at is a varied workout regime. If you keep doing the same thing in the gym you’ll notice that early gains are offset by a stale routine which doesn’t continue to yield results. One way to ensure you keep changing your routine is to adopt a holistic training approach. This means instead of staying on the same workout plan for months on end, you’ll be switching styles every single week. That’s right, one week you could find yourself going for high reps and lots of sets, followed by another week where you focus on full body workouts requiring lower rep ranges. This approach will stop you from hitting a plateau and will help fat loss and hypertrophy to continue at a fast rate.

One of the most common mistakes fitness enthusiasts make is over training. If you see some positive results it can become easy to get addicted to going to the gym. The thing is, however, when it comes to fitness ‘more’ does not necessarily mean ‘better’. Your body needs time to recover from each workout and if you’re back in the gym the following evening you won’t be able to see any results. Try to keep it under five sessions per week.

The world of supplements is third on the list because although a lot of people do get lost here, it is perhaps purposely designed to have that effect. Supplement manufacturers make a lot of cash from the confusion. However, like most things on this list, it’s nowhere near as confusing once you know what to look for. If you’re after a weight gainer you need a shake which hits you with a lot of carbohydrates and calories per serving. If you’re just after a leaner physique you will want to keep the carbohydrate content down quite low. Science also shows that there’s no need to consume more than 30 grams of protein in one sitting, too.

You should also look to make the most of your eating habits outside of the gym, don’t neglect them and presume that you’ll get results just because you’re putting the work in with your training. To establish a ball park figure for your daily calorie intake simply multiply your goal body weight, in pounds, by fifteen. Around 30% of your total intake should arrive from protein, with 50% coming in the form of carbohydrates and the remaining 20% arriving from healthy fats. All the macro nutrients will be needed if you are to achieve your long term fitness goals.

If you apply the four rules in today’s post over the next three to four months you will notice how much easier it becomes to achieve the physique you desire. Learning how to build muscle is an often over complicated affair, but the truth is the main principles are very easy indeed. Holistic training is a great way to keep your workout program fresh, whereas time tested principles such as resting appropriately and learning the basics of whey protein supplements will go a long way to helping you reach your overall goal.

About the author: The UK’s most watched personal trainer, Russ Howe PTI shows classes of hundreds how to build muscle in the gym each week. Learn about holistic training with his free video today.

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