Is Engaging in Exercise Possible for the Busy Bees?

If, for example, you are a parent who is working two jobs to support your children, our bet is that you do not have time to do or even think about exercise. Well, this is actually the case with many people these days. Now, if you want to make positive changes to your personal fitness, the following are tried-and-tested techniques to help you shape up despite your busy schedule.

#1 Transform your travel to the office into an exercise in itself.

When you live close enough to your workplace, slip into your favourite trainers and a comfortable shirt and start walking your way to work everyday. Now, if the distance between your apartment and the office is too great for your feet to take, why not skip the elevators and take the stairs instead? Either way, these quick exercises are a good way to start your day healthy.

#2 Do yoga in the morning.

How often do you wake up to the sound of the alarm clock only to turn it off and dose back to sleep? If you tend to do this before starting your morning rituals, why not get that much-needed shut-eye while doing different yoga positions? Not only will you get to close your eyes for a few minutes before you take on another stressful day, you can also be limber and healthier, too (though we doubt if you will still feel sleepy once you do the visvamitrasana).

#3 Sit on a stability ball at work.

If your bosses do not mind you replacing your trusty ergonomic chair with the aforementioned item, then do so! Without a doubt, you will be spending a whole day balancing and shaping up your body without you noticing it (though the “noticing” part is a bit of an exaggeration, really). If you think this is one crazy idea, did you know that the office of a known global search engine company does not even have chairs in their office (at all) for fitness reasons?

#4 Bring back the (explosive) spark in your marriage/intimate relationship.

Do you know that an even better place to get a fitter physique aside from the gym is… in bed? Indeed, if you wish to lose weight, there is no better person to help you do this than your wife or husband (or boyfriend/girlfriend if you are single). By getting intimate with your partner, not only will you spice things up a bit in your relationship, you can also have a pleasurable cardio workout every time.

#5 Engage in a sport you like regularly.

Have you not noticed how easy it is to sneak in an hour of playing online games while you are at your office desk, but difficult to have a few minutes spent in the gym? The truth is that we will always do our best to enjoy something that perks our interests. So, if you are somebody who loves to play ball or dance, then it is time that you have fun doing both daily in the name of fitness.

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Speaking of the last item, you should know that belly dancing is one of those routines that can help you shed off excess weight effectively. To know more about this fun physical activity, browse through our blog today.

Belly dancing has become an international sensation after Shakira, J. Lo, and other Hollywood stars started to perform it onstage and onscreen. Aside from being an entertaining art that anybody can perform and perfect, it is also a form of exercise.

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