Is the 3 Week Diet Safe?

As always, there is a huge selection of diet programs for sale. These diet programs vary in their approach to promoting fat loss. Some are solely geared towards a certain type of diet like the Paleo or meatless, or even a reduced carb approach. Additionally there are programs that combine exercise and a specific nutrition program.

Lately, a whole new diet continues to be gaining great attention in the home front. It is referred to as the 3 Week Diet and commits to help you lose twelve to twenty three pounds. Most people get interested in learning about this new diet especially because it claims a really short procedure for losing weight. This diet seems to attract people that need to have a quick diet solution especially when they have a personal occasion or maybe a reunion coming up rapidly.

To better determine what the diet program is about, an over-all review is appropriate.

The 3 Week Diet Contents

The program is made by Brian Flatt, a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), who has been around practicing inside the fitness industry since the late 90s. He was encouraged to formulate his own diet program because he couldn’t condone the misinformation about fat loss that mislead lots of people. Due to the misinformation lots more people end up totally giving up their diet plan.

5 Differentiating Factors Of The 3 Week Diet According To The Plan

1.Many weight loss plans emphasize the wrong approach

By way of example, individuals are stuck into believing that any diet system will work for them. Flatt discussed this comprehensively in an argument explaining the uniqueness of BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate) for everybody. His calories can be totally completely different from his wife given that they have an unlike BMR. Hence, the true secret to real weight loss is making a deficit in calories based on Flatt.

2. Cellular inflammation could be the main culprit behind stubborn fat loss

It’s not only damaging to your shape, it is usually behind many health conditions that promote disease. He explains the relation between diet choices that trigger inflammation. When you consume the wrong food, this contributes not merely weight gain but inflammation that slows your ability to shed pounds.

3.Counting calorie consumption is often a simplistic method of weight loss

Mr. Flatt explains that eating less and exercising more isn’t the solution in fact, it’s a big misconception. It’s not really simply about the amount of calories but more about the right kind of calories. Although he didn’t directly mention food sources, he listed calories as whether positive or negative.

4. Most diets usually do not produce fast results so dieters easily quit

According to the author, the 3 Week Diet produces rapid results, you start with one pound each day. This diet program is brief however it supposedly provides instant results. The author believes that people who see significant results every day motivates them to persist. So, if you don’t achieve unwanted weight goal following this plan, then the author will offer you a money back guarantee.

5.Lack of a deliberate plan inside a diet program

Also included is an introduction guide which is designed to coach you on how to determin your BMI and fat percentage. The program details all the routines you’ll need. Expect high intensity routines carried out a short time (quarter-hour). This supplies busy people the chance have a quick fitness regimen.

The diet plan manual suggests not only the correct food choices but supplements that may complement your diet plan. The mindset guide assists dieters in sticking with this program through providing motivational techniques. The author has included this information within the program for your convenience.


-Provides 4 manuals that may guide dieters – diet manual, introduction manual, workout manual, motivational manual

-Quick results in 30 days

-Cash back guarantee

-Guide having a comprehensive eating plan

-Short exercise routines ideal for busy people

-Guaranteed weight loss (average 12-23 pounds)

-Under $40 Cost


-Lacks more details about challenges from dieters who followed this method

-The exercises can be very intense which may not suit beginners

-Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions could find the diet plan program challenging.

Is the 3 Week Diet Able to Really Help Me Lose Weight?

Overall, the 3 Week Diet diet routine appears to give a systematic way to loose fat. It possesses a new way of thinking towards weight reduction. It may be, It could be worth trying to determine how quickly it is possible to shed weight. However, as with every diet system, consistency could be the secret. Starting on any diet program requires full commitment to success. Note: Consult a health care professional before you begin any diet program for safety. However, in case you are ready, then you may want to give the 3 Week Diet a go.

Before you jump into a diet plan you can Learn more about the 3 Week Diet here or read other product reviews at

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