Lebanese Belly Dancing

by Paul J Eastwood

Like the belly dancing that is done in Egypt and Turkey it has been added to the entertainment found on television and on the stage. It is sometimes referred to in Lebanon as Oriental Dance.

For Lebanese culture this form of dance holds the same regard as ballet and opera in European countries. It is a graceful and passionate dance that often brings tears to the eyes of those who view it. The music is a most often based around the artists of Egypt.

The Future of Lebanese Belly Dancing

Lebanon is a country in turmoil. This makes the future of this dance very uncertain. It is a moneymaker for the people of Lebanon, but the Islamic rule in the country does not favor its practice. Even more the younger Lebanese culture views belly dancing as an old fashioned and outdated art form.

The Form of Lebanese Belly Dancing

The hip movements used in Lebanese belly dancing is similar to that used in other belly dancing methods. The focus of attention is on the stomach area and the foot movements are not considered important. The upper body including the arms and hands are used in a snakelike fashion throughout the dance routine.

The Costumes

The belly dancing in Lebanon is a celebration of women. It is an expression of women’s creativity and passion. The beauty of a woman is the focal point to a Lebanese belly dancing routine. The costume is similar in its components to other belly dancers. They typically wear a bra top, skirt and belt on the hip. They will sometimes use finger cymbals while they perform their dance.

The Power of Women

The emphasis of Lebanese belly dancing is on the power of women. It displays the grace, agility and beauty of women in all the movements. It has been performed as a fertility ritual in certain circumstances. Men will participate at times, but for the most part is a dance for women. The culture of the Middle East is displayed in this graceful and beautiful art form.

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