Looking At Creatine Monohydrate

Behind whey protein, creatine is easily the most popular muscle building supplement of the last two decades. But for such a popular product there are a massive amount of people who take this product but don’t fully know what it is supposed to be doing for their body. Today’s article will help you to nail down the basics.

While supplement companies spend so much time filling their packaging with statements of how their product will make your next workout one thousand times better than the last one, it is no wonder why such a huge amount of gym users often get completely lost in the world of supplements.

There are a few proven, noticeable changes which come from using this product. [youtube:IREvnYmnq-8;Enjoy today’s video, in which Fitness Instructor Russ Howe PTI gives a complete jargon free walkthrough on how [link:creatine] works.;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IREvnYmnq-8&feature=related]

This product is all about explosive strength. Whether you use it or not, this is a substance which is already inside your body and is responsible for those big sudden impact movements such as performing a heavy lift or a sudden sprint.

By taking on board more, albeit from an outside source, you increase your ability to perform this type of movement and therefore increase your potential when it comes to building lean muscle mass or losing fat in the gym.

One great side effect of using this type of product is that water is pushed into the muscles, which cause them to appear fuller and larger than usual.

Usually we reserve this section of an article to discuss the negative side effects but this product has none. It does, however, have an array of misinformation surrounding it. Gym myths which have circled for years with no actual proof behind them can impact your results in a bad way so now we’ll run through and dismiss the most commonly heard statements.

Myth number one is the bloating myth. Many gym users believe that this supplement causes a bloated appearance, pushing water between the skin and the muscle to create a blurry effect for your muscles. This is scientifically proven to be untrue.

The second popular myth is that you need to take a break after two months of continuous usage. Not only does science disprove this myth but athletes also use it all year round to maximize their results in their chosen sport.

When it comes to which blend is superior there are several surprising factors. Most importantly the most research points towards Monohydrate as the strongest proven source. This is seen as surprising because it is also the oldest and cheapest, but it is indeed science fact.

The final myth is that this product will make you become muscular. It will not directly make you bigger, but it will help you indirectly. Taking this product won’t make you bigger but it will increase your explosive strength. So if you are going to the gym and training hard, you will find that you can go for one extra heavy rep or perhaps slip an extra few lbs onto the bar which, in turn, will make you more muscular.

Now that you know what to expect when you use a creatine supplement you will be able to make much more of your time in the gym and elevate your progress to the next level.

About the Publisher: Russ Howe PTI is a certified Fitness Instructor who helps individuals discover how to lose weight and keep it off. Watch our guide to taking creatine supplements next.

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