Pamper Your Feet With A Chattanooga Podiatrist

By consulting a Chattanooga podiatrist, you can get helpful advice on any problems you may be having with the feet and lower legs. Podiatrists have trained as general practitioners. They have a solid knowledge of all forms of medicine. After their general training, they continue studying in order to specialize.

Podiatrists are able to perform surgery. The prescription and fitting of orthotics is another of their emphasized services. Many become involved in sports-related fields. By taking into account the medical, surgical, and occupational history of a client, podiatrists are able to develop a clear picture of the background of an ailment.

Other areas of interest include neurological and circulatory problems. Skin and nail disorders are also managed. Conditions involving the toes include hammer or contracted toes, mallet and claw toes, all of which involve permanently bent digits.

The causes of hammer toes include heredity and poorly fitting shoes. Shoes that are too short and/or narrow force the toe into an unnaturally bent position. Wearing the shoes for long periods causes the muscles to contract. Excessively high heels can have similar results. Some diseases such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, and stroke cause damage to the muscles or joints and contribute to hammer toes.

Various therapies may be tried on mild cases. Wearing more appropriate shoes gives the muscles room to adopt a more normal position. Exercises such as picking items off the floor with the toes help stretch and strengthen the muscles. A brace may be worn to force the digits towards the ground. Anything that lengthens the muscles will help.

In severe cases, surgery may be required. This may involve the use of pins or implant a device which remains in place. Normal footwear can be worn much sooner with this method. Whatever foot problems you have, a Chattanooga Podiatrist will be able to help.

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