Shiatsu Massage Evolves into Shiatsu Massage Chairs

by Steve Esquire

The evolution of technology in general and mechanical systems with software in specific have created the shiatsu massage chair of today. Shiatsu has been performed by skilled therapists from the beginning of time, originating in Japan. The modernization of Japan lead to the integration of mechanics and electronic controls into shiatsu massage chairs. These advanced robotic masseuses perform scans of the body to locate acupressure points, neck and shoulder. The massage is customized to each user.

Shiatsu is a massage technique originating over 5,000 years ago with roots in traditional Asian medicine. The technique has parallels to acupuncture, but without needles. Instead, pressure is applied to specific point in the body. Shiatsu is based on manipulating the flow of energy throughout the body. Shiatsu is thought to help restore the balance in the body. The shiatsu massage technique uses gentle stretching along with applying a rhythmic and gradual pressure using a kneading motion. Shiatsu uses certain pressure points along certain meridian or pathways that related to specific organs in the body. Shiatsu literally means finger (shi) and pressure (atsu) or finger pressure. The use of a finger pressure massage is used to regulate the flow of energy in the body. A shiatsu massage induces deep relaxation, increases the energy flow and brings the body back into balance.

The evolution of technology has seen advances in mechanical systems designed to perform shiatsu techniques incorporated into massage chairs. Since the beginning of time shiatsu massage has been performed by humans in traditional medicine. The mechanical systems integrated into current shiatsu massage chairs realistically imitate hand and finger movements. Amazingly, the integration of electronics and software controls make theses mechanical fingers do many functions. Human contact has many subtle movements which are difficult to copy, but machines on the otherhand do not get tired.

The mechanical systems in massage chairs imitate the movement of the thumbs, hand and fingers of a masseuse. These massages include rubbing, kneading, percussion and vibration. Gentle pressure is applied to the acupressure points to induce relaxation and tranquility throughout the body. The shiatsu therapy can range from gentle or firm and use low or high pressure depending on the needs of the individual.

Shiatsu massage chairs help to relieve many conditions, ailments and symptoms. Do not suffer any longer and find relief to many ailments and symptoms with a shiatsu massage chair. It can help stimulate circulation and improve skin health. Use a shiatsu massage to reduce muscle pain and soreness, or warm down after physical activity. Increase stamina because a shiatsu massage metabolizes fat to increase nutrition flow.

Shiatsu has many beneficial results whether performed by man or machine. Human hands and touch are very unique and to imitate exactly is very complex. It is hard to beat the touch of a human. But like everything, shiatsu massage chairs have their place. They offer 24/7 access and no appointment is needed. Some of the best ones come with a music player to help one relax during the massage treatment. Most important is to find treatment and do not allow ailments to persist. Having a shiatsu massage chair provides important therapies in the convenience of home.

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