Specially Trained San Clemente, CA Orange County Dentist Offers Implant Dental Information

People have found that they can replace missing teeth with dental implants. Titanium metal is the material that is implanted in the jaw to replace the regular tooth’s root and begin the tooth replacement. An Orange County dentist can furnish all the information needed regarding this kind of dentistry.

There are many different kinds of implants and a dentist must make a careful examination to determine which kind is best for each patient. Some types require that 6 months pass to allow the implant to fuse to the jawbone prior to the crown being installed. There is also the “Immediate Dental Implants”. This latter type immediately puts a temporary tooth in place and requires about three to four months for implant to fuse to the jawbone.

Many people have found dental implants have helped tremendously when they must wear dentures. Dentures have a tendency to be difficult to keep in place, even with the various adhesives available. A “mini implant” is a procedure allows the denture or dentures to immediately snap onto the implant and remain stable.

Any work of this kind requires the expertise and skills of a professional especially trained for the procedure. In consultation with such a professional, there will be a special evaluation of the condition of the teeth, gums, and bone structure. In addition, there will be x-rays taken.

The implant procedure is done under local anesthesia so there are no after effects as is present with general anesthesia. The amount it will take for the healing to be complete depends on how fast the jawbone fuses as well as the type of implant that was done.

Implants are used as an anchor for a denture, crown, or bridge and can be an excellent way to have almost natural teeth. However, this procedure is not for everyone, especially when there has been bone loss in the jaw. It only takes an appointment with an Orange County dentist to see if you are a candidate for this procedure.

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