The Birth of Skratch Labs

Many cyclists and endurance athletes know the importance of keeping the body hydrated as well as nourished when riding or working out. There are many energy drinks and foods on the market that are supposed to be healthy and filling. The problem is that they often contain harmful chemicals or taste so bad that they are difficult to eat or drink. Enter Dr. Lim who has produced a much better tasting drink as well as co-authored a cookbook that offers cyclists natural alternatives to the norm.

Most energy drinks are full of carbs and empty calories that give the drinkers a surge of energy without offering much in the health factor. Cyclists must have foods and drinks that are easy to drink and that offer the right nutritional value. Today’s energy drinks can create “rot gut”, something that every athlete wants to avoid during an endurance event.

Dr. Lim decided it was time to start concocting a sports drink and energy bar that would actually give the cyclists the energy without the harsh side effects they were experiencing from the available sports nutrition. The process began with the drink that used natural products rather than chemical compounds. He wanted the cyclists to get hydrated without worrying about the drink’s effects to the stomach.

This “Secret Drink Mix” was born from his labors by using real fruit flavors rather than the artificial flavors favored by virtually every other company in the business. This also means that there are no chemicals that typically upset the stomach during workouts and the energy provided was all natural. The trial period was a success and cyclists began putting his special drink into their sponsored drink bottles.

Since, Dr. Lim has had so much success with the sports drink, he also decided to make his rice cakes recipe public. These two products helped launch his new company and make it quite successful very quickly. There are many who now stay away from the big sponsored drink and food companies and prefer the flavor and other qualities of Dr. Lim’s products.

Dr. Lim was able to move from his garage, where he began his dream to make great energy products for cyclists, to a much larger complex befitting the status of his new company. The company has grown and continues to do so every year. Today, cyclists around the world are enamored with the sport’s drinks and rice cakes and have made them a part of both competition and training.

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