Which Exercises Should You Do To Build Bigger Muscles?

Most people do not know how build muscle. Despite the millions of us who use the gym, this is a very common problem. Most of us don’t know what type of exercises are effective.

In this post we shall show you the facts and help you get a solid routine in place.

Discover how to build muscle with 5 simple rules.

If you pull out your current training plan in front of you right now you’ll be able to see any potential flaws which have been holding back your progress recently. The most common of these flaws is to spend too long performing small isolation movements rather than the bigger exercises which yield more overall results.

For faster results squash your current routine.

Sometimes in order to reach your destination faster you have to go back to basics. The old school techniques which have stood the test of time and still return quality results when applied correctly. I am talking of course about compound exercises.

Even though science and training has moved forwards at a breakneck speed over the last three decades we still rely on the basics when it comes to weight training. A squat is still the superior leg exercise, a bent over row is still on top when it comes to back exercises, and so on.

Make the big lifts the base of your workout routine. There is nothing wrong with having a few isolation exercises thrown in around them to round out your session but make no mistake about it, you are there to do your compound lifts. To put it simply, if you consistently improve your squat your legs will get bigger. Your body needs to adapt, it has no choice, you will get bigger and stronger.

You are now probably wondering how much weight you need to lift on each exercise to see results so next we’ll look into this. Everyone is different, of course, so rather than giving you a weight we’ll give you an easy system. Aim your reps towards the 8-12 range. Once you can lift something more than 12 times in a row with good technique it needs to be increased.

That system will keep you constantly pushing for new progress which, in turn, will lead to increased muscle gains.

You probably know people in your life already who spend hour after hour trying to build a better body but the truth is you do not need to. It doesn’t need to take over your entire life. Cut out the smaller movements and focus more on the ones which matter more.

Don’t forget to rest, too. There is nothing wrong with having days off from training in fact we encourage you to do so because this is when your body grows. Your muscles need time to repair and recover, which happens both when you rest and when you sleep.

Like we said at the start of this write up, most people don’t know how to build muscle. Thankfully, now you are not among them. As a personal trainer my advice would be to take this guide and run with it. We see too many people who don’t take action, you’ve wanted to build a more powerful physique for a while and now you have the knowledge to go do it.

Writer: Russ Howe PTI is a trusted fitness coach. Learn how to build muscle with our free video guide giving the 5 steps to a more powerful physique and the best shoulder building exercises.

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