Why Burn Fat 4 Dummies

by Hamish Bae

This new diet Burn Fat 4 Dummies is here, and apparently its a new and revolutionary way of using the metabolism to create a lasting and fulfilling diet which will give you your goals in weight loss.

I got in early and began using the program to see what the results would be like. I recorded the process which was over a period of 28 days. I wrote this article as a means of giving others who may be interested a look at my results.

I started the Burn Fat 4 Dummies Diet weighing in at a whopping two hundred and fifteen pounds. So to reach my target of a twenty pounds weight loss I need to weigh one hundred and ninety five pounds.

I have just stepped onto the scales and I am very pleased to tell you I have hit my target I weighed in at 195.4 pounds. That’s a fantastic 20.2 pounds, I am over the moon and so pleased I started this program It has totally changed my life for the better. I really did not expect such positive results to be honest when I first began the Burn Fat 4 Dummies program.

I really feel like I can keep the weight off. Because of the way that the Burn Fat 4 Dummies diet is not really intense in the what you have to change in your diet, its not as hard as other diets to maintain that weight loss.

Let’s say I had been on a diet of rabbit food for the last 4 weeks. Would I of lost 20 pounds, yes I probably would of. But how would I be feeling now, I would be saying thank god that’s over, I’m off out now for a proper meal, and before you know it your quickly back to square one. Why because your metabolism has been in survival mode right through your 4 week rabbit food diet plan.

After finishing the program, I now really feel like I can keep the weight off. Because of the fact that it actually changes your metabolism, this diet really does stick, where so many other diets fall off.

Although every single dieting program tries to claim that its revolutionary and better that all the rest, the Burn Fat 4 Dummies program really does work amazingly, and fast. Simply, its based on factors that are proven to work.

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