BBQ With Less Health Risk But More Flavor

Barbecues have remained among the most popular choices to prepare grilled and delicious meals while enjoying the company of family and friends. While it is a common means of cooking, it is also associated with increased risk of cancer and requires alternative ways to prepare a BBQ to prevent health problems. One will not necessarily need to eliminate the grill from your meat preparation, but you should still consider alternatives that will minimize disease.

The spring and summer are often considered the grilling seasons and serve as the ideal time to connect with friends and family. A traditional barbecue is tasty, but it can predispose one to cancer formation because it includes harsh chemicals including HCA and PAH that result from smoke and heat. Healthy and balanced solutions can aid in enjoying meals that are prepared on the grill.

Applying herbs and olive oil can aid in protecting against harsh chemicals that develop when meats are exposed to large amounts of heat. It is important to use ingredients that will enhance the flavor of meats and allow for improved taste. Herbal ranges include mint, rosemary, sage, basil, and oregano.

The reason herbs aid in reducing the production of cancer causing carbons is because they contain antioxidants that act as a buffer. It is important to select meats that are of a leaner cut, which means that large amounts of fat should be stripped. Do not allow the fat that drips off of the meat to remain on and under the grill because it will contribute to the smoke causing carbon production.

Regular cleaning of the grill is necessary when preparing meats. The use of marinades with olive oil and citrus juices is considered a beneficial option because they aid in improving the flavor of all cold cuts that can be barbecued. The correct cooking methods requires tender results and to minimize charred pieces that contain a great deal of harmful chemicals.

A well balanced and tasty barbecue can include the use of olive oils and herbal ingredients. While it proves efficient and inexpensive to prepare meals, it requires the use of specific enhancers to ensure the best results are achieved. Marinades can be created for the preparation of vegetables and different cuts of meat when cooked on the grill.

To sum up, barbecuing is a healthy option but requires that the correct steps are taken to better prepare cold cuts. Lean meats can prove flavorful with a marinade and herbs that contain antioxidants to protect from chemical formation. Simply add lemon juice or preferred herbs for the best possible results.

Finally, there is another health risk from barbecuing: burning your wrists and hands. However you can stay safe by using oven gloves. Read more at the contributor’s web page about barbecue accessories.

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