Corporate Gatherings That Employees Will Enjoy

Often your company’s holiday party is the last place on earth you want to be. These events are notorious for being bland and boring, but they should be an event that everyone anticipates. Not only do employees deserve a little social time as a reward for hard work, these events should be looked at as a way to improve employee relationships. Here are a few ways to transform your next company party into a truly fun and memorable experience.

If your budget permits, consider having the party at an offsite venue. Opt for someplace interesting rather than a restaurant or a hotel banquet room, as these places can be a bit drab. If you are near a large body of water, perhaps you could rent a party boat and float around a bay or lake for the evening. Another option might be to rent a cool urban loft somewhere in your city. Sometimes even art galleries or an aquarium or zoo will rent out space for a cool party venue. Be sure to invite spouses and significant others to an offsite event.

Even if your budget restricts you to using a conference room in your office, this space can still be transformed into a great party room for a fairly reasonable expense. Replace the existing furniture and set up a long food buffet in the back, and then set up a few small tables where people can snack or sit and talk. For a holiday party, you can hang up string lights around the room and place a large Christmas tree in one corner. Or you could opt for a glittery winter theme and hang silver foil curtains on the walls and suspend white, blue and silver snowflakes from the ceiling and string white blinking lights around the ceiling perimeter. Creating a theme for a party can make decorating much easier.

Every element of the party should be spectacular and that includes all of the foods and beverages that you offer. One culinary element that truly needs to entice your co-workers is the dessert, so you don’t want to scrimp in this area. Chocolate pizza is one option that will definitely spark some interest, and just about everyone loves chocolate, so you are sure to please the whole staff. Chocolate Pizza Company creates these specialty chocolate confections, and each of these pizzas features is packaged cleverly in a real pizza box.

There are many different types of chocolate pizzas to consider ordering for your staff. You can select from several types of milk chocolate pizzas or perhaps opt for dark chocolate pizzas or even white chocolate pizzas. Of course, you can certainly purchase a dark, milk and white chocolate option and make an amazing chocolate pizza buffet. The milk chocolate and the dark chocolate pizzas feature a crust made from melted chocolate and English toffee, while the white chocolate pizza is created from melted white chocolate blended with almonds and dried cranberries The dark and milk chocolate pizzas also can feature special toppings, such as M&Ms or perhaps mini marshmallows and graham crackers for a gourmet s’mores experience.

Often, holiday party or company party attendance is sparse simply because we have so many after-work and weekend obligations. Make it easy on employees and start the party during lunchtime. Not only will they enjoy the break from the typical workday, they won’t be stuck trying to balance a myriad of holiday events on their calendar. You can set up a lavish lunch on a buffet table, as well as an amazing dessert table loaded up with several flavors of chocolate pizza.

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