Costly mistakes your team makes can hurt your business

by Malcolm J. Richmond

Anyone who owns or operates a restaurant or a food preparation business wants to ensure that their customers receive safe, quality products. Sad to say, there are times when mistakes can be made. You could possibly wind up with a sick or dead patron.

Do you know that there are approximately 5.4 million cases of food poisoning a year in Australia? Of these 120 will end with the loss of someone’s life. All of these cases of food poisoning could be prevented if proper steps had been taken in the preparation of the food products they ingested. I am sure that everyone in your kitchen wants and tries to comply with food safety standards, however, mistakes happen. Or what if those standards are simply not enough? What if there was more you could do to protect the people who are entrusting you with their well-being? Would you take the opportunity to learn enough to guarantee your foods safety?

A food safety expert can save your kitchen the embarrassment of causing people to fall ill after eating your food. With about 5.4 million cases of food poisoning a year, it is only a matter of time before someone gets sick from your kitchen; unless you are willing to do all that it takes to prevent it from happening. By allowing a food safety expert to assist your staff, they can ensure that no one will get food poisoning from your kitchen. Wouldn’t you enjoy that piece of mind?

You can tap into telephone consultatations some food safety experts offer that help you eliminate your “weakest link”. You can ask your food safety experts to help you design, implement and monitor your systems of HACCP programs. You can also use checklists on a regular basis that will help to ensure that your establishment runs smoothly. You can have your needs met on a per project basis. You can enhance your “due diligence” with record keeping and documentation compliance.

A food safety expert is able to make your establishment more profitable. As people begin spreading by word of mouth about the great experience they had while dining in your restaurant, more guest will come in to try your cuisine for themselves. What pride you would feel in knowing that you ran a place that people loved to congregate in and then went and told their friends about it.

The only Australian company that is owned and operated by an apprentice Chef of the Year is AGB. Gavin Buckett is a food and safety expert who is making it his task to teach restaurant owners and managers how to better protect their customers and their establishments. There are different programs that will suit your individual needs. For example, they can have their auditors come to your place of business and provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual audits whichever you choose. AGB can also help your kitchen with management solutions such as the following: menu writing, equipment recommendations, sourcing suppliers, product and recipe development, cost control, event planning, food preparation and handling training and allergen controls. This is a course that runs for an entire year but only requires 10 minutes of your time on a weekly basis. This program will teach you tips, new teachings and techniques which will make your restaurant a success.

When your place of business is run properly and is clean, organized and delivering delicious quality products, the word will spread. If your restaurant is dirty, delivering only sub-par products and is disorganized, word will also spread. What is it that you want people to say about your kitchen?

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