Could Vegetarian Recipes Work in Professional Wrestling

I’m sure almost everyone has the same visual image that pops into mind when the subject of professional wrestling comes into light. You think about such things as overly muscular physiques and masculinity to the max. With such physical exertion that is put into every match imaginable, one has to believe that a great supply of meat is in the diet of just about every wrestler. While meat is a stable of this industry, a few wrestlers have taken on different lifestyles and vegetarian recipes have become more and more common.

I think the biggest challenge when it comes to basing diets around vegetarian recipesis the sense of availability that certain foods possess. When a wrestler leaves a show, it’s usually very late at night and most, if not all places, that are open during that time are fast food establishments. It’s difficult to have fresh fruits and vegetables around when you’re on the road constantly, so it’s as if that lifestyle is impossible. Companies such as Quorn feature meat-free diets, as well as those rich in greens, and those are difficult to implement into a wrestler’s lifestyle in spite of them being satisfying.

Due to great willpower, it seems like a few wrestlers have managed to use these diets for the long haul. Meat isn’t necessary for many of us and Bryan Danielson is just one name. He’s been a vegan for two and a half years, steering clear of all animal products both meat and dairy. He also put a litany of dietary products such as vitamins to fill in the nutrients he would have missed otherwise. Sadly, Danielson had to end that lifestyle once he developed a recent soy intolerance.

Once an independent wrestler and now a big star within TNA Wrestling, Austin Aries had dwarfed Danielson’s vegan period by being vegetarian for a little over ten years. While not the largest wrestler to ever grace the spectacle, Aries managed to utilize such a diet and he’s done it effectively. He’s had to plan prior to shows due to the conflicting nature of catering choices and his own lifestyle. However, Aries has stayed the course this long and there are no plans for him to surrender.

The misconception of wrestlers being strictly carnivores has long since been shattered by a select few who have accepted vegetarian recipes into their diets. It’s also good for the body since typically ingesting meat and dairy uses up energy that could otherwise be spent fighting off bacteria. It’s a good tradeoff, if you ask me. Even though this kind of lifestyle is limited as to what one can eat, the physical benefits are great.

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