Do No Harm by Hippocrates Valid Today?

by Cindy Soto

Hippocrates, the father of medicine taught healers the basic principle to do no harm. Now part of the Hippocratic Oath, the words are eternal, they are that crucial.

How well do you think that is being adhered to today?

Recently I took my son to a podiatrist after the pediatrician told me that’s who I would have to see and wrote out a referral. He’s 13 and has flat feet that point outwards when he walks.

The podiatrist looked at him for a whole 30 seconds and began to tell me right in front of my son that he needed an immediate triple surgery where a portion of his foot would be removed and a steel plate inserted. He would not be able to walk for a year, and it would likely give him trouble for the rest of his life.

Do no harm? I could not believe it.

My 13 year old with a steel rod?

I was angry at that man for scaring my son, but I’m not so easily manipulated. My son is now doing daily exercises to correct the real issues.

I wish this was an isolated case. Being sold by a doctor for a $30,000 procedure (the insurance would pay for that, but not the therapy he is having), using fear tactics made me angry. But many people, who are skeptical of other sales “jobs” are afraid.

The underlying issue is that the medical profession is trained to provide either drug interventions or invasive surgeries.

While emergency operations and medications can sometimes save lives, the problem is that they’ve become the only way. Other means don’t even come into their heads.

My search for a better way led to the discovery of an amazing place that actually taught that the body is self-healing and amazing.

Rather than traumatic interventions, they teach people to give the body all the nutrition it needs and stop overworking it with processed “foods”, and amazingly it will go into high gear in healing itself.

The Hippocrates Health Institute, aptly named after the original Hippocrates. It truly follows the idea of do no harm and teaches people to take charge of their own health.

Hippocrates Institute was totally unlike anything I had ever experienced in healing. For me, it was a taste of paradise.

People call it a miracle when some with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, various tumors and so many other health conditions bring about their own healing using what they learn.

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