Don’t Search for Maine Lobster Any more.

by WineBasketGirl

When I imagine breaking the claws of a boiled lobster and swishing the tasty meat through melted lemon butter I imagine Maine. The large clawed lobsters pulled from the cold Atlantic Ocean represents the best that Maine offers. Who could visit this state with its rugged, rocky coast and not sit down to a meal of fresh boiled lobster with melted butter? All the better if it is served with a crisp, cool Chardonnay (a nice item for any gift basket).

Do you want to have this delectable meal while sitting in an expensive restaurant wearing a plastic bib with a picture of a lobster on it? I think not! Especially if, like me, you’ve been known to try and dig out that last bit of succulent lobster meat hidden inside the shell and accidentally sent the whole lobster claw flying across the room. No, lobster should always be eaten outdoors.

When you are visiting friends who have invited you over for this amazing feast, it is nice to bring a gift basket with a cold Chardonnay and some lobster bibs (they do have their uses). The dinner should begin with clam chowder. A fresh clam chowder, a cream-based broth full of Maine clams. This has been a staple in Maine for many years. It should properly be made with cream or milk, butter, and lots of Maine clams complete with their briny liquid. Don’t forget the oyster crackers. They are absolute necessity.

We have the location and first course of our dinner arranged so its time to consider what the lobsters should be like. For a fantastic dinner pick a lobster between a pound and a half and two pounds. Larger lobsters have their uses (casseroles, stuffing, lobster stew) but they aren’t as tasty eaten plain. Any lobster over two pounds will be too much for one person to eat, because lobster is both rich and satisfying. Sometimes you can find a “single-claw lobster” which is a lobster sold with just one claw. A great housewarming gift might include a gift basket with lobster eating paraphernalia and a cooked lobster.

You can choose lobsters and ask the lobster pound to cook it for you, so as to eat then and there or eat it at a place where you would like to. If you’re planning to gift lobster then bring a gift basket along with you so as to make the transit more trouble-free. You can also arrange the lobster attractively by stuffing in other goodies around it. There are a whole lot of organizations spread through the Maine, known as lobster in the rough dining.

Wine gift baskets are perfect for lobster in the rough restaurants. Most are located on a wharf or near the ocean. You sit outside at a picnic table in the sunshine to eat your boiled lobster and enjoy the wine from the gift basket. None of the fussiness of an inside restaurant and the views can be amazing.

Picture the scene. Rustic picnic tables are overlooking the sun-dappled harbor, covered in the napkins for the messy task at hand. Customers wearing the authentic lobsters bibs these places always provide. You can taste the saltiness of the Atlantic Ocean, as the ocean breeze flows over you, better than any air-conditioning.

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