Eating Kosher Meals While Vacationing

Meal planning for a vacation makes it possible to travel without worrying about whether or not kosher meals will be available. Appropriate meal choices can be found at any destination. Meal planning before arrival can eliminate the stress of having to search for something kosher every time I meal or snack is needed.

Vacations to destination such as resort hotels will likely have several options already available. If, for some reason, these options aren’t available than look for restaurants in the area that serve these options. The majority of restaurants actually have several kosher dishes on their menus now.

One could also request their room come with a kitchenette so that they could purchase their own foods from local grocery stores and stock the fridge in their room. A refrigerator and microwave will allow for meals to be prepared without having to leave the hotel room. This is a cost saving method and can be much healthier than eating out the entire time.

There is also the option to pack and bring along a hot plate and a slow cooker to use in the hotel room. The meal choices with these two basic tools are nearly endless and can be tailored to meet specific dietary restrictions. Place food in a slow cooker before going out for the day and it is warm and ready to eat when they day is coming to an end.

In the event that there just isn’t any groceries stores in the area, one could also bring food along with them on the trip. Some people travel with a piece of luggage and a cooler that is dedicated to transporting nothing but food. While this is also a very cost effective method of eating for just one person, it is especially great when there are several family members that need to be fed.

Obviously, this method doesn’t allow for anything more than very basic eating and this is not what some people want while on vacation. If this is the case, another option is to prepare or order food before leaving home, freeze them and then pack those in a cooler to bring along. As long as the hotel room has a fridge and a method for reheating, this method works great. Some people even go as far as having their items shipped in dry ice before they leave, so it is already there when they arrive.

Fresh items can be added to these meals as well. Search for a local market to purchase them or request some from the hotel kitchen. Most major hotels have plenty of fresh items readily available for their guests. Combining some fresh fruit and vegetables with an already prepared meal provides adequate nutrition and remains within the needed dietary standards.

While it may seem like kosher meals on vacation are impossible, it is surprisingly easy to insure dietary restrictions are met with a little planning. Some of the optional methods listed above are a bit more extreme and suitable when there is no other option. However, most locations have become kosher friendly through the years and the majority of travelers find that they really don’t have to worry about their food choices because their are options available everywhere.

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