Enjoy the Beautiful Weather in Alicante Spain

by Greg Hansward

Alicante Spain can be found in the eastern edge of Spain which is located in the southern part of Valencia. Alicante is close to Murcia, while mountains are located to the north and west. The Mediterranean sea is to the east of Alicante Spain. There are a number of very popular tourist destination cities within Alicante, including Torrevieja, Benidorm, Elche and Alcoy.

Alicante is another city in the Valencia region. This is also a very popular tourist destination, with most people visiting the area during the summer months,. Around six million people visit the Costa Blanca every summer, most of these will fly thorough Alicante airport. This city has been well known as one of the best tourist destinations in all of Spain.

Weather in Alicante, Spain

This area benefits from a very nice climate, just what you would expect from a Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot, while the winters are also mild. It rarely snows, which makes this area very good destination for tourists all year round. Make sure you bear this in mind whenever you are booking your trip.

How to Enjoy your Time in Alicante

Many tourists will head straight to the beaches during the summer. The Costa Blanca has a very long summer period, so after you have enjoyed the sun why not take a nice stroll along the promenade, this is very nice as it is lovely shaded by palm trees. You will also find a number of great cafes which are really good places to visit for a quick bite to eat. You can find people from nationalities all over the world along the beach front. To enjoy these sites you will want to consider a car hire at Alicante airport.

If you like to play golf then there are a number of very popular courses around the location. The fees for these greens will range from between 35 to 80 Euros depending on the course you wish to play, and the season you are going to play golf in.

Alicante has a lot of things to see, there are many sightseeing opportunities to keep you busy. The cathedrals and churches in the area are very popular attractions. A very beautiful cathedral is the San Nicholas de Bari, this is one of the most famous places in the city, and is home to the local bishop.

Other places of interest include the castle of Santa Barbara, this is one of the biggest medieval fortresses in the whole of Europe. This was constructed by the Moors way back in the 9th century, further improvements were made during the 11th and 13th centuries. It’s worthwhile visiting the castle as it offers some great views of the city.

The castle has a lot of local history, there are a number of artifacts which are from the Bronze age. These were discovered on the site and are kept here for interest. You can also find a large number of Spanish sculptures which can be seen throughout the year.

If you enjoy going out at night then you will enjoy visiting Barrio Santa Cruz. This is a very old part of the city which has an old fashioned feeling. There are many bars and clubs dotted around the area which makes night life interesting.

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