Becoming Loved By All Restaurants

There are two kinds of diners in the world. The first are those people who are considered VIPs, and the second consists of just everyone else. But you do not have to be a celebrity, a chef, or even a food blogger to get the special treatment so often bestowed upon the rich and the famous when they find themselves in the restaurants you eat in.

The secret to being treated well is as simple as the golden rule. Of course, many of the diva types get fooled into thinking that being indifferent and cold and demanding could get them the nicest seats and complimentary champagne flutes at, say, restaurants in downtown McKinney. If that sounds ironic, that is because people who deserve to be spoiled are those who do not expect something in return for the goodness they have done.

The first task is to make the management including the maitre d, servers, and cooks to like you, and the best way to be liked is to be kind and nice. A fine, graceful etiquette will carry you in this case, and treating the staff the way you think you should be treated is the key to it all. Consider it as like impressing someone you just met without overdoing it.

Ask questions when the waiter offers you the menu. Inquiring about that obscure menu item will let the staff know that you are really interested in what they are making and that you care about your food. It also builds trust between customers and servers, and will make them remember you well.

Heavily drinking like the god of wine is also strongly encouraged. Restaurants and bars love their liqueur enthusiasts as alcoholic beverages provide their highest income. Also, if they know you are going to drink, it means you will be staying for a longer time instead of those who just go there, eat, and leave. Complimentary drinks will follow your aperitif if you are good with this one.

Placing huge orders will also send positive signals. They will not be getting much from someone who just orders the green salad with the chicken and who leaves promptly after eating the mere order. Restaurants love diners who want full courses, and this is why they almost always send out the dessert for free.

Play safe by not demanding modifications with your food. Should you find dishes that contain something that you have dietary issues with, do not order it because they are prepared the way they are for good reason. If you cannot help it, ask them very politely.

If there is any kind of disagreement in the restaurant, be cool. Sure, it is the rule that the customer is always right, but being rude will not stop the servers from spitting into your food, or worse. Yes, there are horror stories about restaurant workers doing horrible things to the order of the customer when they get pissed off. Being level headed in the midst of a problem will make the management care about your concern and resolve the issue quickly.

Give credit where it is due. Honest praises will encourage them to serve you better. Tipping is a bit tricky depending where you are and you might have to check if it is expected or included in the bill, but a hearty smile and a big thank you are never missed.

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