Coffee: Different Around the World

by Guy Morris

Brazil coffee is known for its world famous Brazil Bourbon Santos. It is the world’s largest coffee producer and therefore must know what it is doing, although it has not always been regarded as the best. This blend was named after its place of cultivation. The island was once known as Bourbon, but it now known as Reunion. It can be found near the port where it has current residence. This coffee is known for its balance of acidic and bitterness while remaining dark bodied. It is said that it can ignite the romantic in us all.

Obviously not grown in the U.S. there are many different coffees that have a very American style. They are said to complete the feast, not compete with it. These brews come from medium roaster and medium ground Columbian coffee as well as some Central American coffees. They are smooth but light while offering a light acidic taste and delicate body. They are compliment coffees. Some of the favorites are Steep and Brew with has a delicate fruity coffee, the Madrugada which comes from the Flying Goat. Then there is the Supreme coffee bean which is known for its chocolatey notes that are said to be to die for with pancakes.

Ethiopia, legend has it, is the home of the Arabica tree. This berry has made Ethiopia a leading contender in the coffee world. The Yirgacheffe region produces a coffee known as the Klatch. Klatch also offers a delicate espresso. This is a five region blend known for its complexity. It has fruity notes while still remaining a dark coffee. The Sidamo region produces a bean that is dry-produced. It is said to spark memories of its sunny home.

Nicaragua produces the Madriz, which is considered to be a power house coffee, enjoyed by anyone. It is said to be pungent and full bodied. Panama produces a coffee in the Don Pachi Estate that is best served using a French Press. This coffee comes from the Geisha trees in the Boquete region.

Hawaii brings many who want to taste the Javaberry Black Estate Reserve. This coffee boasts a smooth and full flavored coffee. This is a great coffee for those who drink their coffee black. Kona Peaberry and Kona Extra Fancy are blended to make this a special brew whether you make a whole pot or use single serve coffee makers.

Sumatra is an Indonesian coffee that is wonderful but not for everyone. The price has increased due to the tsunamis in the region. It does maintain tartness that some do not enjoy. This coffee also has a blend with hints of chocolate that is medium brewed and sweeter than most. It boasts a thick aroma that sets it apart from other coffees. No matter where the coffee is found, there is someone sure to taste it, review it, and find it magnificent.

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