Green Coffee Beans To Roast

Roasting your own java can be fun and easy. It can also be very technical and challenging. Some people do the task using a cast iron frying pan, while others convert an air popper. There are also commercially built roasters that can be set to stop at the desired darkness of roasting. However, one thing that you will need to complete the process selected is green coffee beans to roast.

Roasting time is relatively short but dependent on the method selected and the darkness one wants. Using a converted popcorn popper, most consumers prefer about 8-12 minutes. In the frying pan or roasting in the oven takes 14-18 minutes. Once finished, the product should be cooled quickly, allowed to sit for a day to degas.

Selecting the roasting method should take into consideration the individual’s budget and amount of product used each day. If only an occasional pot is brewed, it may not be worth the time as it should be brewed within a few days of roasting. While the oven and frying pan methods are cheap, they may not provide an even roasting of each individual bean.

Coffees have different flavors depending on the regions where they grow. In addition, the time in the roaster affects the flavor as well. It can sometimes take some trial and error to determine the region one prefers.

A roasting hobbyist needs to understand the roasting process to get the desired flavor. In the first few minutes the bean is being heated it will begin to turn yellow. The smell at this stage is grass-like. Steam will start to escape as water evaporates.

The first crack stage indicates the product becoming more fragrant. The name of this phase refers to a popping or cracking noise made by expanding beans as sugars caramelize and water escapes. Oils start to migrate in the heat.

Once the product reaches the first crack state, the individual may consider the product done according to his preference. One can use sounds, smells and sight to determine the right time. For those desiring a mild flavor, roasting should stop at immediately after the first crack.

As the caramelization continues the oils will migrate further and each bean expands as it grows darker. Most consumers prefer their roasting to stop sometime between the first and second crack. Just before the beginning of the second crack is a full bodied drink.

If heating past the second crack stage one should take precautions. The exploding bean can shoot particles as steam is released. These coffees have an extremely bold and smoky flavor.

French blends are made by heating further. These bold and smoky products have more burned sugars and vegetable matter that starts to break down. Flavor is considered very bold.

Green coffee beans to roast allow the individual to control several factors before brewing. Products are fresher than can be found in a store. However, oxidation begins quickly, and products should be used within 3-7 days for best flavor.

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