One of Kind Coffee Right in Your Own Home

by Vince Paxton

Coffee roasters come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, in addition to just as many prices. Prices can range from double digits all the way to thousands. However, buyers should be cautious because higher price does not always mean higher quality. Other than purchasing a reliable brand, there are a few other tips to follow.

The first question one should ask to them self is: How much involvement is wanted? Some people want to do it all: mix, stir, measure, and create. Roasters are available using these ideas as well. There are some that are very simple, stove top, and they look like a pot with a tight lid and unique handle. The handle has a crank which stirs the beans during the roasting process. The stirring of beans is essential because it keeps them from burning in addition to air circulation. These should always have a thermometer in the lid so that the temperature can be controlled.

Then there is the do it all roasters. A specific amount of green beans are added and then when the lid is closed the person can walk away and not have to worry. These are the deluxe models of course. They come with thermostat control and built in thermometers. They also have air flow technology and canisters that rotate. Then there is also an automatic shut off. The roasters do not seem to have been invented with a feature that eliminates the smoke from the process.

The next question to ask is how well do the roasters circulate air and heat? The most common of the roasters are ones that work like air popcorn machines. While the beans are being tossed around inside the machine the hot air circulates throughout. This allows for even roasting. Some of these models come with a feature that will remove the skin that bursts from the bean as well. It is quite common for them to come with glass exteriors so that the process can be observed easily. More often than not they come with pre-set amounts and typically range from light to dark. The air circulation is necessary to the entire process of roasting. Drum roasters help alleviate the problem of burning. They drum rotates and uses gravity to toss around the beans. This is better than those that have just an instrument that stirs at the bottom.

For those who want to be more involved in the process than simply using your coffee maker, find a roaster with a window so that roasting process can be tailored as it is occurring. It is good to note as well that the more beans that are being roasted the more smoke that is produced. Roasting areas should be properly ventilated. Roasters used to be only for professionals, but now they are available for in home roasting. It makes dinner parties that much more impressive and one of a kind.

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