Low carb diets- Do they really work to trim our weight?

by Simon

Health experts have predicted that large population of western societies like the US & Canada now face the stiff challenge of tackling situations called obesity since it is estimated that the total number of obese people in USA alone is around 60 million & this number could be even higher in the coming days. Lot of people have already realized this problem & are adopting to low carb diets that will have help to arrest obesity in a gradual manner.

Most of the health gurus have proved that carbohydrates are pretty much essential to our body since they provide major requirement of energy to our red blood cells & the brain. Meaning that carbohydrates are very much necessary ingredient in our food. The fact is that we have a wide variety of foods available to us in form of fast foods & restaurants who provides us with a lot of processed foods rich in carbohydrates & consuming them will surely result in massive weight gain rapidly. The possible solution is to adopt our selves to low carb diets helping in our goal to lose weight & control obesity by step-by-step process.

Basically there are two types of carbohydrates exists namely the simple carbohydrates & complex carbohydrates. Some of the simple carbohydrates are honey, sugar, flour & candy. The negative effect of consuming such stuff is that they drastically reduce our body’s energy levels after they are consumed. On the other hand, it is better to avoid complex carbohydrates since they are absorbed in our body slowly after they are taken in. They consists of starch & fiber rich items like rice, potatoes, corn, wheat & grains to name a few.

On the other hand, it is true that simple carbohydrate foods does not offer any nutritional values but can also result in several health issues. But the low carb diets have high protein & mineral contents & are pretty tasty & nutritious to consume. The real fact is that simple carbs Foods like the refined sugar, bread & rice usage can also cause cavities in the long run.

Most of the doctors advise us to go for low carb diets as the permanent solution to our weight loss diet plans. Some of the diet processes that are widely followed like the Dr. Atkins diet, south beach diet, high protein diet, zone diet, etc to name a few and these programs have their own protocols with respect to the foods that we are allowed to consumed on a daily basis.

Some of the foods that are included in the list of low carb diets are the meat & eggs, chicken, pork, lamb, salmon & hard boiled eggs. You can as well consume some amounts of cheese, dairy products, and mozzarella as one of the recipes of healthy diet to be followed in longer duration.

Low carb weight loss diet plans always propose for vegetables that have high protein levels. Few of the low carb diet recipes include eggplants, spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes to name a few. You can always try vegetable salads along with crumbled bacon, boiled eggs or mushrooms that can be garnished with them which form the main vegetarian carb meals since they are proved to be healthier foods.

To conclude, the real secret of being healthy in our middle ages as well as in the long term demands us to migrate to low carb diet plans which also relieve us from major health hazards like the high blood pressure & cholesterol. Apart from this, you will be able to maintain healthy weight through out your life span.

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