Low carb diets- Do they really work?

by Simon

Most of the individuals especially the teens in the western world have become the victims of consuming processed foods like the colas, pizzas, burgers, etc that have massive proportions of carbohydrate levels that will have worst effect in their middle ages resulting in major health issues like the high blood pressure, cholesterol, hypoglycemia to name a few.

The hard-core reality is that our ancestors started to have meat about 2 million years ago & later on agriculture came into existence about ten thousand years ago. Meaning that we all humans started to eat meat about few thousand years ago which have considerable amount of carbs. But we do not have enough time to drastically change our diet plans altogether and added to this our body will not have an idea on what to do with excess carbs.

We have to finally cut down our carbs at any cost to achieve our final goal of healthy weight loss but cannot resort to unpopular methods like starving or eating blunt foods as such moves may result in many health issues. Hence we needed to tackle such situations very carefully.

But the real truth regarding carbohydrates is that they help you in rapid weight gain by increasing the appetite levels & making them totally addicted towards such junk stuffs. It is believed that carbohydrates requirement for our body is a must because consuming carbohydrates in large proportions will be a disadvantage rather than advantage in most cases. This is because we are usually tempted by such junk stuffs & consume in large quantities reducing our chances of maintaining healthy weight.

These carbohydrates are the major source of energy providers for our red blood cells and the brain. They also help us in decreasing our blood sugar & insulin production. An additional advantage of them is that they help you in utilizing the fat deposited in our body for the purpose of efficient energy production. They also help us to maintain good health conditions in our middle ages.

From the health perspective, it is better for many of us to jump to low carb diets like the green leafy vegetables & other low carb vegetarian recipes like the meat & eggs, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, etc to name a few so that we can keep our body in most healthy condition as well as burn your unwanted calories in gradual manner. You can also use low carb diet items like soybeans, strawberry fruits & few recommended dairy products.

Majority of low carb diet foods are indeed nutritious & tasty and can be considered as the solution to our weight loss issues. Lot of diet programs have been followed like Dr. Atkins diet, south beach diet, zone diet etc & almost every programs will have their specifications about the foods that needs to be consumed on a daily basis.

Adopting ourselves to this major change to low carb diet plans is not impossible but still a challenging task & worth trying it. Drinking lot of water up to 10 glasses every day will get highly desirable results in long term. You are also free to take club soda, decaf tea, herbal tea , diet soda and lime juice as your beverage as the part of your diet plans.

More & more people are going with low carb diets in order to avoid major health issues like high blood pressure & cholesterol. This will get them best possible results in their middle ages by maintaining their body health in best possible manner. Most of them are also stressing on exercises apart from low carb diet plans to get highly desirable results.

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