Seafood and What Wine?

by Todd Gibson

Sit down at a beautiful table setting for a delicious meal and what do you see? You see the plate and silverware, of course, but also wine glasses. Yes, wine goes well with dinner, but only if the correct wine is selected for the food in question.

Traditionally, your choice of wine with food was a discussion of red or white. That has changed as modern wine production has created a wide variety of choices that blur the lines. While you can still go with a traditional red or white, you do not have to.

Instead of memorizing which wine goes with which food, go by weight. A heavy meal should be accompanied by the strong taste of a red wine. A white would barely register with steak or any other red meat.

White wine is for the more delicate palate. That means it can easily be overcome by the strong flavors of other foods. As such, it is best when accompanying chicken and seafood. These foods would be overwhelmed by the strong taste of a red wine.

For something a bit different, why not go with a blush vintage? It is a good introductory wine for people who are infrequent wine drinkers. It is not as dry and tends to have a sweeter flavor that is more palatable for them.

Modern society is all about breaking trends these days. Heck, the Presidential election seems to be about who can be the bigger advocate for change. The same would appear to go with wine these days.

When it comes to particular meals, most people just ignore the wine to food rules. They simply drink whatever they like, which makes sense if you think it through. If you are having guests over, just make sure they are agreeable to this.

Other variations of wine come to the forefront for desserts and hors d’ oeuvres. Sparkling wines, including champagne, can be introduced at the beginning or ending of any meal as the compliment the foods then on tap.

The days of living under the thumb of the wine experts has passed. Even we lowly peasants can get the good stuff these days. Even more galling, we can drink it with whatever we like without recriminations.

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