The Excellent Red Producing Region of France

by Todd Gibson

As you well know, wines are distinct based on a number of factors. One that is often overlooked is the region where the wine was produced. One of the more famous ones for epic reds is found in France.

When it comes to red wine in France, Bordeaux is the traditional hot spot. Formerly a land of marshes, the area is located in the Aquitaine region found in the southwest of the country.

Bordeaux is unique. Why? Well, it actually lives up to the reputation it carries. Most places these days are known from the marketing campaigns they use. Not Bordeaux. Here, everything is wine, wine and more wine.

How focused is Bordeaux on wine? It is the traditional agricultural practice. In fact, the region has produced wine for a couple thousand years and everyone seems to do it. The region produces in excess of seven hundred million bottles a year.

Want more stats? There are over 13,000 grape growers in Bordeaux. With wine ranging in quality from basic table quality to top of the line vintages, the wine business produces annual revenues of more than fourteen billion dollars.

With two thousand years of wine production, you know there are some interesting stories about the region. From 1875 to 1892, for instance, a plant disease nearly wiped out the vines in the area.

Drastic measures were called for to save the vineyards. How drastic? Vine stock was brought in from America and the vines were interbred. This resulted in a tougher vine that fought off the disease and gave all Bordeaux wines a bit of American edge.

Over time, Bordeaux wine has not always been from Bordeaux. Other wine growing areas of France would just label their bottles as being from Bordeaux. The government finally had to step in and pass a law stopping the practice.

Today, ninety percent of the wines produced in Bordeaux are reds. The wines are also considered stronger in flavor than older vintages. Whether this is a good or bad thing is open for serious debate among wine lovers.

If you really enjoy your reds, there is another reason to take a liking to Bordeaux. The region is friendly to wine lovers, which makes trips to this hallowed wine region not only possible, but desirable.

Even if you cannot jet off to Bordeaux for a week or two of heavenly wine tasting, that does not mean you cannot experience the region personally. Just head down to your local wine store and pick up a Bordeaux red.

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