Gifts That Show Your Appreciation

If you have a client or perhaps a team of employees that have gone above and beyond the call of duty or perhaps a good friend has been of invaluable help recently, a thoughtful card with a personal note is always a good idea. But to truly say thank you to someone that deserves some notice, consider treating them to a special gift that really expresses your appreciation. Here are some helpful suggestions of great thank you gifts.

Nothing says thank you quite like a sweet treat, such as chocolate. Instead of just purchasing a box of chocolates, why not choose something extraordinary such as chocolate pizza? You can purchase this delectable item at Chocolate Pizza Company and not only is it delicious and handmade; they’ll even send the pizza in an actual pizza box, so even the presentation will be special. Best of all, if this is a corporate gift, your recipient can share the pizza with others who helped with the project, as well.

Chocolate Pizza Company offers several varieties of their signature pizzas. The dark chocolate and milk chocolate pizzas are started off with a crust of melted chocolate mixed with homemade English-style toffee. From there, you can select many kinds of toppings, such as M&Ms or other candies, mixed nuts or just a drizzle of white chocolate. There are also delicious white chocolate pizzas, and these crusts are formed with cranberries, melted chocolate and almonds instead of chocolate and toffee.

It is always nice if you can find a gift that is truly personal for your recipient. For instance, perhaps they have a favorite variety of wine or love an expensive brand of whiskey. If so, this can make a great gift. A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant is another lovely way to say thank you, just be sure to send a handwritten note as well as people really appreciate the time you took to write something personal.

You also can tailor a gift around their favorite activities, such as golf, hiking, cooking or music. For a music lover, get some concert tickets or perhaps high-end headphones or a quirky docking port for their MP3 player or cell phone. If they love to hike, get them a basket filled with cool hiking accessories. A golfer might like a gift certificate to a nearby golf course or pro shop or even a basket filled with tees, golf towels, balls and other helpful items.

Another special treat that you could send would be an on-site car wash and detail service. This might be a great way to treat several people who did a fantastic job on a particular project. A fancy catered lunch also could be provided to a team of people you wish to thank. Of course, after lunch, set out a dessert buffet filled with the aforementioned chocolate pizzas.

Elba Fenwick enjoys writing about and eating chocolate. For more information about gourmet chocolate gifts or to find about other products such as chocolate pizza slice, please visit the site today.

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