Is It True That Monavie Is a Scam?

by Hellen Smithson

They sound too good to be true, but Monavie and even other Acai-based juices are now more popular and diverse than ever. You may have been wondering yourself by now if Monavie is a scam or not.

To begin to ask the question if Monavie is a Scam or not, first you must clarify if you are talking about the business of Monavie or the Acai berry products that they make. We’ll tackle both of those separately here.

The Company: Monavie Inc. – Are they scamming us?

The company named Monavie, based in Utah with distributors around the world, is a very successful MLM business by anyone’s standards. If you feel that all MLMs are scams then you have your answer already, Monavie is without a doubt a full-fledged MLM company and makes vast the majority of its’ income selling directly to their own distributors.

It’s a business model that many people cannot stomach, and it feels wrong, but Monavie and the other reputable MLMs do not hide this fact. This business model is not illegal, and as long as it’s disclosed before joining, there is nothing truly wrong about it.

Monavie’s Product – Is it simply too good to be true?

A 25 ounce bottle of 19 mixed fruit juices should not cost $40. They are clearly charging a lot to preserve the integrity of the Acai berry, as well as building up a lot of room for profit for their distributors in each bottle. However, despite Monavie’s stringent compliance laws governing how much each distributor is able to market their product, you’ll easily find thousands of “testimonials” online by distributors claiming that it cured them of ailments such as pneumonia, heart disease, and even cancer.

These outrageous claims by distributors who can’t stick to their promises is the real reason that people are calling Monavie a scam. It’s very misleading to claim that something good for you is in fact something that can cure every disease you’ve got Clearly most distributors don’t care about the rules, however.

The bottom line is that the only scam going on with Monavie is by the less-than-honest distributors out there trying to make a quick buck by hyping a good product way too much. This happens in every MLM though and should simply be viewed as a failing of that business model. To say that Monavie is a scam is to say that all MLMs on the planet are also scams.

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