Qualities Of An Authentic Lebanese Restaurant And Lounge VA

When looking for something new to eat, sometimes we look for more than just the same fare under a different roof. Sometimes we look for something with a new taste altogether, as is the case with Middle Eastern inspired foods. Such is the case with Lebanese foods which has a lot of Middle Eastern influence. If you are looking for an authentic Lebanese restaurant and lounge VA then do read on in this article for some tips on how to get a good one.

Typing out in the search engine for the best Lebanese restaurant will give you about thirty establishments in the Yelp website that are located in Virginia. This is not a very sizeable number so it will not be difficult to find a good one. The way to gauge each one will be to gauge the way some popular foods from the area are prepared.

What you can start out with is hummus, a definite Lebanese original. A good restaurant will serve you this dish which it makes itself, and not something that comes from the shelf from a grocery. Having the consistency and color of a light and soft peanut butter, it is best eaten with pita bread or unleavened bread. It is made of mashed chickpeas and other beans blended with lemon juice, salt, oil, garlic and tahini.

Falafel is a form of street food that can be made as a replacement of meat. It is basically a ball of ground chickpeas and fava beans that is deep fried and served inside pita pockets. The best falafel is one that has not been overly deep fried and oily, and most say that baked falafel will beat the traditional deep fried one anytime.

Kofta bowls are something that are becoming quite popular in the area. These bowls are served with kofta, a sort of meatball mixed with vegetables, eggs, and bulgur. It is served in a bowl either in dry form, with a light gravy or a heavy sauce like soup. Kofta is a popular dish in Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, and India.

And then there is the ever present shawarma, which is a standard fare of the Middle East. A Lebanon eatery will always serve shawarma, a form of tortilla filled with meats, beef, and vegetables plus some sauce. A good shawarma will have fresh made bread, usually in house.. If served with beef, the beef should not be marinated or treated any way. The beef should just be cooked without any spices.

When looking at portions from restaurants, Lebanese restaurants usually do not gimp on the sizes and portions. Authentic restaurants of of this specific Middle Eastern fare will have more than generous amounts of whatever food you choose. Thus think twice if the price is too expensive for a very small amount of food.

And it would also pay to look at the regular customers of the place. If they look Middle Eastern and are generally a majority in the crowd, then you know the food being served is the real deal. If it is good enough for them, then it should also be good enough for you.

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