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Starting out our juicers reviews of the Super Angel juicer line of juicers, we first noted that this is a durable line of products for juicing. The Super Angel juicer line can juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, even leafy green vegetables. A Super Angel juicer can also process peanut butter and baby foods.

The Super Angel 5500 model is one of the latest innovations of Super Angel Juicers. It is made up of stainless steel insuring durability and does not contain any plastic parts so you can reap the highest quality and toxin free juice.

The 5500 Super Angel juicer is easy to assemble, meaning it can be cleaned up quickly. The 5500 has twin gears that are made of SUS-304 stainless steel, which makes them hygienic, unlike some juicers that have plastic parts that come in contact with your food. This Super Angel juicer gets good juicer ratings because it operates at 86 rpm and has 3HP of grinding power that breaks down your food to the cellular level.

The 5500 has three stage screen filters that maximizes juice extraction. This Super Angel juicer also an automatic over heat sensor, automatic pulp ejection, a reverse switch and bigger gears.

The 3500 also operates at 86 rpm for very effective crushing of your produce, yet preserves the essential nutrients. This Super Angel juicer has a 180 watt motor that provides enough pressure without over heating. This model has gives you maximum juice extraction through its three stage filtering process. It is also easy to assemble which means a quick clean up.

The features of the Super Angel 7500 Juicer is basically the same with the 5500 model, except that the latter has a manual switch for reverse. According to the manufacturers, the only advantage of the 7500 over the 5500 is its automatic reverse function for jamming.

However, a malfunction of the automatic reverse switch may provide some problems since you cannot directly control it when jamming occurs. If you prefer to have a manual reverse function to release jamming during operation, then it is recommended to choose the Super Angel 5500 model.

The last Super Angel juicer in our juicers reviews is the 8500 model which is like 5500 model but it has an automatic reverse function and a two part screen housing.

Looking to find the best deal on a Super Angel juicer, then read our juicers reviews, then visit our website and read all the details on why this is such a good juicer investment for the money.

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