The Most Popular Types Of Barbecue Sauce

Every family has its own secret recipe for a certain sauce or recipe. Therefore, it is no wonder why people are so particular about what condiment they use when cooking on the grill. Overall, there are hundreds of different variations of barbecue sauce. Some people like spicy while others like sweet, some prefer to marinate their meats while others use sauces as toppings. No matter which way you choose to go, there are a few classics that seem to be most popular.

One extremely popular variation for grilled foods is Kansas City sauce. It is thick with ingredients of tomato or ketchup, brown sugar, and molasses. This is certainly the choice sauce of the lover of sweet and savory flavors. Brush some on after the meat has been cooking over an open flame for the perfect combination of char-grilled flavor and mouth-watering, savory sauce. This is not good as a marinade, though, because all the sugar will burn during cooking, distorting the flavor.

There is also a variation known as the East Carolina mop sauce. As opposed to the traditional Carolina sauce, which is mustard-based, this version uses a lot of vinegar. It is a bit different from the traditional condiment barbecuers might be used to, and is applied during the cooking process rather than after. It is composed mainly of vinegar and hot sauce, and makes a great addition to ribs and pulled pork because the vinegar cuts the fattiness of these meats.

Similar to the East Carolina mop sauce, the Lexington dip is a version with a few more ingredients. Along with the vinegar and hot sauce, add in some tomato or ketchup and a bit of sugar. This makes it less acidic because of the vinegar and brings to it a bit of sweetness. It is a thinner substance with a tart taste which some refer to as “sweet and sour.” It can either be drizzled on the meat while cooking or served on the side, but goes great on nearly any grilled meat.

You simply cannot go wrong, though, with Texas-style sauces. This is another type that has a certain thickness that goes great with warm, already-cooked meats such as chicken, pork, or even shrimp. This condiment incorporates a lot of spices, like paprika and chili powder, and, if made at home, the chef can incorporate his own personal touch or “secret ingredient.” Overall, though, it is usually spicier than sweet–but just how spicy it is up to the cook.

There are so many approaches to barbecue sauce that a cook could take. Whether making it at home or buying it in the store, the options are going to be limitless. Grilling is the one form of cooking in which it is possible to make a sweet and sour sauce or use a spicy/sweet combination. It is easy to make these toppings from scratch, so the cook gets to play around with the flavors he thinks will please the guests’ palates.

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