The Perfect Baby Shower

There are few moments in life sweeter than the arrival of a baby, and celebrating with the expectant mother is a time-honored tradition. For those who are getting ready to plan a baby shower, you might be wondering how to get started with this event. Here are a few tips that might prove helpful.

Selecting a date for this event and a location for the party are always the first steps, and then you need to make a list of all of the guests you plan to invite. After that, you really get into the fun part of party planning. If you are stumped about how to decorate, simply start by selecting a theme. It could be a garden party or a tea party or you could simply mimic the theme the mother-to-be has chosen for her nursery. Perhaps, the nursery is to be decorated with jungle animals or maybe a woodsy owl theme or even ladybugs or maybe a literary character. Using the nursery theme as your baby shower theme helps you select decorations as well as the invitations and can even influence the type of food you serve.

Because you typically are bringing a variety of people together, some of whom probably don’t know each other very well, planning some activities and games is always a good idea. You can have baby shower word searches, baby bingo, a quiz about the Mommy-to-be, a nursery rhyme quiz, a celebrity baby name match-up or some other type of game. Provide prizes such as a potted flowering plant, a basket of bath goodies or some lovely scented candles.

If you are searching for a unique party game or event, ask guests to bring their favorite storybook from when they were little. The expectant mom can look at each book and try to guess which guest brought the book. Have guests also write a quick message inside the book for the baby. This keepsake will help the baby build a library and hopefully spur a lifelong love of reading.

Planning the buffet is another big element of your party planning adventure, but keeping it simple is usually best. Select items such as light hors d’oeuvres, salads and tea sandwiches, which can be made ahead so that the host also gets to mingle with guests. Pitchers of iced tea, bottles of water, coffee and perhaps a special baby shower punch provide plenty of beverage options.

No party would be complete without a special dessert, and while you can certainly opt for cake or cupcakes, one fun option would be to order a unique chocolate pizza from Chocolate Pizza Company. Each pizza is handmade and beautifully decorated with a variety of toppings. The milk and dark gourmet chocolate pizzas are formed with a crust made from toffee and chocolate. Your can select toppings such as sugar flowers, candy pearls, M&Ms, mixed nuts or just a simply splash of white chocolate.

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