The Proper Way To Have Live Lobster Shipped

If you own a seafood shop or simply like incorporating seafood into your meals, then you might regularly need to have the supplies shipped to you. When dealing with food, it is better to use fresh ingredients, and this is why getting live lobster shipped to you, is the best option. To ensure that these animals get to you in good form, there are some things which need to be observed during the shipping process.

To keep your lobsters alive, they need to stay moist. Some people may assume that submerging them in water will do the trick, but this might cause more harm than good. If you want to keep them in sea water you will need to have a significant amount of this water, and your containers have to be well aerated. Fresh water is completely out of the question.

The presence of contaminants in the air is one of the reasons why people prefer to use airtight packaging. However, with live animals, you need a continuous flow of fresh air, and therefore, all the containers need to be well aerated.

When ordering live lobster, the animals need to be not only alive, but also intact. This means that the people in charge of the shipping will have to take some measures, to make sure that the lobsters do not arrive with broken shells. This will include carefully packing the right number of animal, to ensure they are not too cramped, but also not too few. Cushioning can also be provided by using seaweed.

Shipping containers typically have regulated temperatures, to prevent the spoilage of cargo. With lobsters, these temperatures should relatively low, but not below freezing point. This will reduce the activity of the animals, so they use less energy and also less oxygen. Using dry ice is not recommended, as it will increase the carbon dioxide levels in the small space.

There are many shipping companies available, but only settle for ones that you can trust. This decision can be made after making some inquiries about their credibility, punctuality, and general efficiency. Quick deliveries and good shipping practices will give a company a good reputation. Although you do not get warranties for transporting live animals, some companies will take responsibility for the delivery of dead or damaged crustaceans.

You might be tempted to choose a cheap service to lower your expenditure or even to choose the most expensive one you find with the assumption that they will offer the best services. The charges may vary from one company to another, and therefore, you should compare the services being provided to the price before settling on any one shipping service. Collecting and inspecting the cargo in person, at the docks, might also lower your costs.

Healthy lobsters should look alert, and wriggle when you hold them. Their shells might be greenish or black depending on their origin, but these should be firm and with no visible cracks. The packaging used to transport them should also be intact. Even if you trust your shipping company, ensure to wash these animals with a saline solution before cooking them, or moving them to your aquarium.

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