Try Kopi Luwak, The Best Coffee of the World

Have you heard about kopi luwak? This is the most expensive coffee of the world. It comes from the deep tropical forests of Indonesia. Java and Sumatra is the main regions, where kopi luwak coffee beans are produced. It is true enough that a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain feels great. But one cup of kopi luwak has no match. In the following article discover more unknown facts on kopi luwak.

Brief history on Kopi Luwak Behind the name “kopi luwak”, there are two words which completely describe what it is. The word “kopi” is nothing but coffee in Indonesian language. Where “luwak” implies a cat like animal, known as Asian Palm Civets. So basically, kopi luwak is a coffee made with the help of a cat. How is that possible? Well, in 18th century, the Dutch started farming the coffee berries in the western islands of Indonesia. Among those is islands, Java & Sumatra are the residence of the luwaks. These animals eat the sweetest berries and left the seeds undigested in their droppings. In those days, native farmers were prohibited to use the actual coffee seeds for their personal use. So they collected the pooped coffee seeds. After continuous washing and finally roasting they first tasted the legendary coffee. From that time, kopi luwak became so popular.

What makes kopi luwak most expensive coffee? Normally coffee beans are made by fermentation. But in this case, the beans are fermented in the civet cat’s intestine. This generates a unique taste. The unique fermentation process makes an enormous difference with the general one. It’s total annual production is less than 500 pounds. The rare production has been making this coffee expensive from the colonial days in 18th century to the present day.

Any Idea about the cost? Well, one of the famous Australian coffee shops sold one cup of kopi luwak in $50. In a broader view, this brand costs around $150- &660. There are many sources proved that, Vietnamese weasel coffee sold in $6000 per kilogram or $2700 per pound approximately.

Unlike other coffee brands, kopi luwak has a complex intensity of flavor. It doesn’t have the bitterness that generally some other brands have. Many have described it as earthy, syrupy, smooth and rich with chocolate undertones. Some said it has orange, floral, and/or butter undertones. But the matter of fact is kopi luwak has its unique taste and flavor. So what are you waiting for? Get a cup of kopi luwak and share you experience.

From the deep tropical forests of Southeast Asia and the land of famous Sumatran civets, Kopi Luwak gives you the strong earthy taste of coffee. The exciting flavor and awesome aroma makes you feel the worth of it’s cost. But the best is, you will experience a heavenly ride in every sip of your cup of Kopi Luwak.

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