Visit Argentinian Steak House NYC For Great Steak

If you’re on the hunt for a great place for some barbeque, visit the Argentinian Steak House NYC. Bring your family and friends to enjoy a good meal together. They offer a wide variety of steaks and barbeques cooked to perfection. All barbeques are cooked to Argentina’s way of cooking. Original recipes passed on from generation to generation is now brought to you in great dishes.

The culinary arts of Argentina is one of the world’s best. It is a mixture of Mediterranean cultures that focuses on meaty ingredients. They focus mainly on livestock because this is abundant to their country. Each person on Argentina consumes more than a hundred and fifty kilos of livestock per year. They are probably one of the biggest consumers of meat in the world.

The asado is a well known meal from Argentina. It is a delicious preparation and serving of grilled meat. A family hosts the event when they are celebrating something big. The asado is done when there is a religious celebration, a birthday, or a holiday. The preparation of the meal and courses is very elaborate and may even take days. Several ingredients are included in the process.

The asado is their way of celebrating any important event within the family. They slow roast different cuts of meat in an open fire that is surrounded by a picnic. They serve several courses throughout the day. The host takes great pride in grilling for the day, and will stand as the cook throughout the day. He will serve delicious roasted meat through the night, firmly refusing to accept any help.

Their delicious courses will not be such an easy feat to follow. You will have to train and ask advice from those who follow Argentine tradition. You can still do this on your own, however you must exert a lot of patience and effort in the preparation of the meals. It may also be expensive because you will be needing quality meat. Go to a reputable source, and not just any butchers. Ask your friends where they usually go for great meat.

Remove the extra fat that is around the meat. Trim all the excess until about a fourth of an inch remains in the slice. Put the pieces of meat in a baking pan. In the baking pan, put all the ingredients you will need for a marinade. These include the typical garlic, onion, peppers, wine, red wine vinegar and such. You should rub these ingredients into the steak. This will help the meat absorb all the juices and to help retain it during grilling.

Leave all the ingredients and steak for at least an hour together. Put them in the refrigerator while you wait. It is better to do this overnight so that the juices will really seep into the meat. Heat up your griller prior to grilling time. Make sure that it is heated well before you place your steaks onto the grate.

Serve the food with mashed potatoes or grilled corn. This is how you might be able to reach the quality of food in Argentinian Steak House NYC. So start your asado with your closest friends. Sit back and relax for the weekend in southern style. It’s a celebration that will surely be enjoyed by everyone in the group.

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