What Is The Salary Of A Bartender?

When we think of a bartenders salary, wage, or income, most of us usually skip the boring stuff and think TIPS! Most of us probably have friends in the business or know of someone who rarely talks about their hourly wage as opposed to the amount of tips they made last night! It is probably the biggest reason most people decide to get into bartending in the first place!

It is safe to say that typically, most bartenders earn a low hourly wage of $6-10 per hour, plus tips, though a bartenders income will really vary depending on many factors. Strong competition is expected for bartending jobs in popular restaurants and fine-dining establishments, where potential earnings from tips are greatest. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the mean hourly wage for bartenders was $8.98 in May of 2010. The Bureau also states that ‘Employment of bartenders is expected to grow 9 percent from 2010 to 2020…This is a good example of how much bartenders really make. Lets see what determines a bartenders income:

Deciding if you’re going to work at the Chili’s down the street or the High-end steakhouse downtown will have big effects on your monthly income. Luckily, you beginners won’t have to chose. You’ll most likely be starting at Chili’s while you build your work experience. Just as the BLS stated above, obtaining that bartending job in a major city is and will continue to be highly competitive.

Those with customer service, people skills and natural bartending talent will outshine the rest of the competition and earn more tips, which equates to a bigger salary. This is why so many books and guides are written solely based on social skills and earning bigger tips. It’s simple, customers are more inclined to tip people they like! You as a bartender can somewhat steer this in your favor by working at a place that matches your personality. If you like sports, then working at a sports bar will more than likely put you in your comfort zone and allow your confidence to shine! Are you the more quiet sophisticated type? Then check out the hotels downtown.

If and when you get a full time job, expect to work late holidays, weekends, and evenings. Your pockets will obviously get bigger, the more you work.

You will easily move up the ranks and get into the bigger more lucrative establishments, with some experience under your belt. It may not be fast, but you can eventually get that bartenders salary you often hear others talk about, with hard work. It will help on your road to success to keep these factors in mind.

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